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The Real Estate Agent Registry in Miami, Florida

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1st American Realty Network

1st Choice Realty Of South Fla

1st Choice Rlty. Rentersworld

4 1/2% Realty

A New Century Realty & Invest.

A. Leon Realty Inc

A.A. Barrionuevo, St. Cer. App

A.R. Craft, P.A. Lic Re Broker

A.R. Home Realty Inc

A1a Realty Group, Inc.

Abe Real Estate

Abm Realty, Inc.

Access Appraisals

Access Real Estate

Acol Realty, Inc.

Active Community Realty

Adams & Garcia Inc

Advance Florida R.E. Corp.

Advanced Real Estate, Inc.

Advanced Realty Services

Advantage Realty Group, Inc.

Adventure Florida Realty

Agency Real Estate

Agora Realty Inc

Aims Realty, Inc.

Airport Rlty & Development Co.

Ajf Properties, Inc.

Alan H. Rauzin, Lic. R.E. Brk.

Albert D. Rey, Realtor

Alberto R. De Armas, Realtor

Alemar Real Estate, Inc.

Alex Embry, Jr., Realtor

All Florida Real Estate

All Florida Realty Sales Corp

All In One Appraisal

All Miami R.E. Services Inc

All Tropic Real Estate

All-Star Realty Sales

Allegro Realty, Inc.

Allstate Realty & Mgmt Co Inc

Allstate Rlty & Inv., Inc.

Allstate Rlty Serv. Inc.

Alma Investment Realty, Inc

Alpha & Omega Int'l Rlty & Con

Alters Appraisal Services

Ambassador Realty Sales,inc.

Ambience Realty, Inc.

Ameribest Realty & Invest Inc

America Real Estate Company

America Realty & Investments

America's Premier Realty

American Commercial Prop Inc

American Investment & Mortg.

American Liberty Realty Inc.

American Prime Realty Inc.

American R.E. Services, Inc.

American Realty Company

Amerifirst Realty Of Florida

Amistad Real Estate

Amo Investments Inc

Amprex Realty, Inc.

Ana M Cairns Lic Re Broker

Ana Valenti, Lic. R.E. Broker

Analia Group, Inc.

Anc Realty

Andres Amoedo Lic. R.E. Broker

Andreu Investment

Andsof Realty, Inc.

Andy's Company

Angels Realty Corp.

Angie Atkinson Realty

Anna Maria Chavoustie, Broker

Antonio M. Hernandez Re Broker

Appraisal Re Economics Assoc.

Appraisal Service Center, Inc.

Appraisal Services For Dade/Br

Appraisal Solutions, Inc.

Appraisal Specialists Group

Appraisals For Florida

Arcana Realty Consultants, Inc

Arch Properties & Investments

Arch Realty Inc

Areyco Inc

Armand Properties, Inc.

Assist 2 Sell Buyers & Sellers

Assist 2 Sell Miami Realty Inc

Associated Appraisers, Inc.

Associates Intl Realty Inc

Atlantic Manor Mngmt Realty

Atlantis Realty Services Inc

Atp Realty, Inc.

Aulet Realty

Aureus Financial Corp.

Aurora Development Realty

Automated Realty Corporation

Avant Realty Group, Llc

Aventura Prime Properties Inc

Aventura Prime Properties, Inc

Ayala Realty

Bancasa Realty Corp

Bankers International Realty

Bap Realty, Inc.

Barbara P. Keller, Realtor

Bayfront Realty, Inc

Baytrust Real Estate Serv. Inc

Bayview Financial Trading Grp

Beachfront Commercial Realty

Bec Realty Services Inc

Belle Realty

Bennett M. Lifter, Realtor

Bensouth Realty

Best Buy Realty Inc

Best Homes Of Miami

Best Investment Realty, Inc.

Best Offer Realty

Best Options Realty, Inc.

Bild Properties, Inc.

Bill Eisnor, Inc.

Bishamon Realty Corp.

Bismarck Realty, Inc.

Blanca Valverde Realty

Blanco Brothers Realty Inc

Blazejack & Company

Blue Estate Realty

Blue One Realty

Blue Sky Realty, Inc.

Boris Rosen Lic. R.E. Brk.

Brain Power Ideas Inc

Bravo Realty

Brenda M. Parra Realty, Inc.

Brickell And Key Biscayne Rlty

Brickell Bay Club Realty, Inc.

Brickell Bay Realty

Brickell Bay Realty Group Llc

Brickell First Invest Realty

Brickell Investment Realty

Brickell Realty & Manag Corp.

Brickell Realty Corp

Brickell Realty Corp.

Brickell Vizcaya Realty Adv

Bricks & Stones Realty Inc

Bristol Real Estate Services

Brite Investment, Llc.

Brooks & Company Real Estate

Brown Realty

Brown's Realty Group Inc

Bsi Realty Inc

Buena Vista Rlty Devlpmt Corp

Builders Exchange Rlty, Inc.

Business Control Index Of Mia.

Buyers 1st Realty, Inc.

Bvp International Realty, Inc.

By-U Realty, Inc

C S R Properties Inc

C-21 Dorar Realty

C-21 Frank K. Cooper R.E. Inc.

C.B. Richard Ellis

C.F.C. Realty Inc

C.T. International, Inc.

Caines Realty, Inc.

Calusa Realty Group Inc

Camp & Associates Internatl

Camp Real Estate Corp.

Campen Realty Of Florida

Cano Properties, Inc.

Cantey Realty & Investments

Capital Brokers, Llc

Caribe National Realty

Caribe Realty Corp.

Caricom Realty Inc

Carlos Blanco R.E. Broker

Carlos Estevez Lic Re Broker

Carlos G. Ordonez Lic. Re Brkr

Carlos Salman Realty

Carlos Valera, Realtor

Carmen Carratala, R.E. Brk.

Carranza Real Estate, Inc.

Carson Realty Group, Inc

Casa Latina Realty

Casas Real Estate Inc.

Castle Realty

Castle Realty & Management Inc

Caval Real Estate

Cazo Realty Inc

Cb Real Estate Group Inc

Centaur Realty Inc

Center Grove Rlty & Appr. Inc

Centre-Line R.E. Services, Llc

Centrex Realty Inc

Century 21 Active Realty

Century 21 Adventure Realty

Century 21 America Real Estate

Century 21 Bona Fide Realty

Century 21 Continental Realty

Century 21 Dadeco Int'l

Century 21 Dadeco Internatl.

Century 21 Gables Gate Realty

Century 21 Great Country

Century 21 Great County

Century 21 Kendall Gables Rlty

Century 21 Preferred Realty

Century 21 Prime

Century 21 Stars

Century 21 United Realty

Century Bankers Realty, Inc.

Cervera Real Estate, Inc.

Chandler Realty & Invest.

Chariff Realty Group

Charleemax Realtors

Charles Hollingsworth Re Brkr

Chase Realty Corp

Chastain & Company Inc

Choice One Gmac Realty

Choice One Real Estate

Citi Realty, Inc

Citigroup Realty Inc

Citiwide Real Estate

City Capital Real Estate

City Int'l R. E. Group, Inc.

City Of Miami/Ofc. Asset Manag

City Real Estate Group Inc

Citywide Realty Inc

Clark Realty Company

Clasby & Meyer Real Estate

Classic Investments Corp.

Clear Choice Appraisals Inc

Cmc Group, Inc.

Cn Group Properties

Cnc Management Inc.

Cnc Management, Inc.

Coastal Appraisers

Coco Prime Realty Corp

Coconut Grove Realty Corp.

Coldwell Banker Continental

Coldwell Banker Executives

Coldwell Banker Premier Rlty

Coldwell Banker Res. R.E. Inc

Coldwell Banker Res. R.E. Inc.

Collazo & Assoc. Realty Servs

Colliers International

Collins & Collins Investments

Colonial Investment Prop. Inc

Comet Realty, Inc.

Company Realty

Concept-7 Realty Co.

Conesa Realty Network Corp.

Confin Home Realty, Inc.

Connexion Inc.

Contact One Real Estate Corp

Contempo Homes, Inc.

Continental Landmark Realty

Coral Realty

Coral Reef Realty Serv. Inc

Coral West Land Comp, Inc.

Cotera Realty

County Line Realty

Countywide Properties, Inc.

Courts Realty Sales Inc.

Courvoisier Realty Corp

Cove Realty Inc

Covisa Rlty & Mngmt Inc.

Creative Home Realty, Inc

Cromartie's Real Estate, Inc.

Cross County Realty Inc

Crownpointe Realty

Ct Realty Management, Inc.

Cuan And Associates, Inc.

Cushman & Wakefield

Cutler Bay Realty, Inc.

Cutler Realty, Inc.

D J Ramos Realty Inc

D. J. Ramos Realty, Inc.

D.A.K. Realty

D/R Horton America's Builder

Dade Realty Inc.

Dade South Realty, Inc.

Dadeland West Realty Corp

Dadeland West Realty, Corp.

Dan Sherman Realty

Daniel Benjamin Matos Re Brkr

Darpel Investment, Inc.

Dart Management & Rlty Corp.

Dash Realty, Inc.

Dave Colonna Properties, Inc.

David B C Yeomans Jr, Re Brkr

David Lombardi, R.E. Broker

David M. Goldstein, Broker

Davide Realty, Inc.

Davis Realty

Daytrust Realty Corp.

De Beche Diaz Realty Inc

De Benedetto Realty, Inc

Dedicated Realty, Inc.

Del Prado Realty, Inc.

Delco Realty, Inc.

Dennis & Associates Re Service

Dennis Stubee Cert Res Appr

Denny W. Fisher

Design Realty & Management Inc

Designa, Inc.

Designer Realty Inc

Dgs Commercial Realty

Digital Development Realtors

Discount Realty Group Inc

Discovery Realty Too Inc

Distinct Florida Properties

Divanel Realty Group Inc

Diversified International Rlty

Diversified Intl. Realty

Dmi Realty & Investments

Dolores James Investments Inc

Dolphin Discount Realty, Inc.

Domingo J. Montes De Oca, Lic.

Donald S. Rose, Broker

Donna L. Day Lic. R.E. Broker

Dooley Realty, Inc.

Doris E. Myers Lic Re Broker

Dream Home Appraisals Inc.

Dream Homes Real Estate Co.

Dream House Realty Inc

Duarte Realty

Duran Professional Appraisers

Dynamic Realty Inc

E + Real Estate Corp.

E Homes Realty

E. Property Realty Inc

E.K. Realty, Inc.

East Coast Realty Of Miami

Eastside R.E. Investments Llc

Easy Discount Realty Inc

Eduardo G. Concepcion

Eduardo M. Ibarra, Lic. Broker

Eduardo Rodriguez Lic Re Brkr

Ela Realty

Elliott Associates Realty Inc

Emilia C. Machado, Realtor

Empire Realty & Investments

Empire Realty Corp Intl

Empowerment Realty Llc

Ena D. Jane, Realtor

Enrique Suarez Realty, Inc.

Equal Discount Realty, Inc.

Equal Realty, Llc.

Era Ambassador Rlty Group Inc.

Era Castle Realty

Era-Elk Realty Inc

Era-South Dade Realty Inc

Erealty Associates Inc

Eric Ott Lic. R. E Broker

Esco Ii Realty, Inc.

Esquire Properties, Inc.

Esslinger Wooten Maxwell Inc

Esslinger, Wooten, Maxwell,inc

Esslinger,wooten,maxwell, Inc.

Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell Inc

Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, Inc.

Esther F. Ingelmo, Broker

Euroatlantic Realty, Inc.

Excel Homes Realty

Excel Realty, Inc.

Exclusive Project & Land

Exclusive Realty Corp.

Executive Service Rlty, Inc.

Exit Realty First 2 Sell

Express Realty Enterprise Inc

Extreme Appraisal Group

F & B Realty, Inc.

Fabian Realty Inc

Fair Market Realty Group

Fantasy Cove Realty

Fantasy Cove Rlty Corp.

Farris C. Joseph R.E. Broker

Fast Closing Rlty

Fast Track Realty Inc

Fcm Realty Group Inc

Feinberg Realty Group, Inc.

Fernandez Realty, Inc.

Fernando Albuerne, Realtor

Fiad & Associates Inc

Fidelity Realty Company

Fig Realty

Finance Intl Group Llc

First American Realty, Inc.

First Equity Vm, Inc.

First Florida Realty, Llc

First Rate Realty Corp

First Service Realty


First Service Realty GMAC

First Service Realty, Inc.

First Source Realty Inc

First Source Realty, Inc.

First Southern Rlty Of Miami

First Stop Realty & Inv. Inc

First Stop Realty & Inv. Inc.

First Way Realty Services Inc

Fisher Island Realty Sales

Five Stars Realty Of Hialeah

Fla Realty Services

Fla-Usa Realty Inc

Flick Investments, Ltd.

Florida Appraisal Serv. Team

Florida Group Rlty, Inc.

Florida Int'l Realty Service

Florida International Realtors

Florida Luxury Realtor Inc

Florida R.E. Investment Center

Florida R.E. Network, Inc.

Florida Realty of Miami

Florida Realty of Miami

Florida Realty Of Miami, Corp

Florida Realty Traders, Inc.

Florida Rent Finders

Florida Statewide Realty

Florida Sunset Realty Inc

Fodee Realty Services

Foram Contracting Inc

Fortune House Int'l Rlty

Fortune International Realty

Forum Real Estate Group

Francisco Gonzalez, Realtor

Frank J. Cobo & Assoc., Inc.

Franklin & Franklin, Inc.

Franz H. De Beche Lic Re Brkr

Fsbo Realty, Inc.

Futrell Company

Future Realty

G & G Real Estate Group Inc

G & S Realty Advisors Corp.

G T G Realty, Inc.

G.A. Properties Realty, Inc.

G.M. Realty, Inc.

Gables Estates Realty Inc

Gables Executive Realty

Galaxy Realty Inc

Genuity Realty Services Inc

George A. Azpiri, Lic. Re Bkr

Georgina Lorie, Lic. R.E. Brk.

Gerardo A. Febles, Broker

Gig Properties

Giovera Realty, Inc.

Gladys Rosario

Global Investments Realty

Globalrealty.Com Inc

Gold Cup Real Estate Co.

Gold Standard Realty Corp.

Golden Key Realty Group

Golden Realty Inc

Goldmax Realty Inc

Goldmeier & Associates

Goldstar Realty Services

Gonzalo R Lage, Broker

Goodkin Consulting

Government Homes Broker Corp

Gp Global R.E. & Inv, Inc

Grace E. Arbelo

Graciela V. Fernandez, Broker

Grayson Real Estate Inc

Greater Miami Realty

Grec Properties Llc

Green Development Group Inc

Green Point Mortgage

Green Realty

Greene, Sheldon & Assoc.

Greentree Appraisal Services

Greg Harte Associates

Grg, Realtors

Gross International Rlty, Llc

Grove Properties

Grove-Star Partners, Llc

Guido J Galletti Re Broker

Guillen & Associates

Guy Co Realty Services

H Ruiz & Associates, Inc

H. Fernandez Realty

Happy New Home Realty Inc.

Happy Realty Co.

Harvard Realty Inc

Hausmarket, Llc

Hawk Realty

Help You Save Rlty Of S. Fl.

Help-U-Sell Distinctive Prop

Help-U-Sell R.E. Solutions Inc

Helping Hands Rlty Of South Fl

Henry Quintana Realty, Inc

Henry Wolff & Associates, Inc

Henso Realty, Inc.

Herbert Lee Simon, Realtor

Hersa Corporation

Hibiscus Intl. Realty Corp

Hicks Realty

Himalaya Realty Llc


Hjr Properties, Inc.

Hlb Realty Concepts, Llc

Home Bankers Real Estate

Home Choice Realty, Inc.

Home Hunters Real Estate Corp

Home Partners Real Estate Inc

Home Plus Realty Services Inc

Home Review Realty Inc

Homelink, Inc.

Homequest Realty Inc

Homes & Pools

Homes Express Realty Network

Homes Sales, Inc

Homeside Corporation

Homestar Real Estate Group Inc

Homeworks Realty, Inc.

Horizons Realty Group Intl Inc

Housepower Realty Group

Howard Properties

Hrp Realty Services

Hugo Bosch & Associates Inc

Hugo Sotolongo & Assoc. Inc.

I.B.L. Corporation

Ibo Realty, Inc.

Icom Realty

Icon R.E. Consultants, Llc

Ideal Properties Inc

Ignacio Herera Lic Re Broker

Iii-C Realty, Inc.

Ilene Eber, Inc.

Image Equities, Inc.

Imperial Realty Group

Imperial Realty Group, Inc.

Imperial Realty Inc.

Imperial Realty, Inc.

Indeed Realty

Innovative Realty Services Inc

Insignia/Esg, Inc.

Instyle Properties, Llc

Int'l Investors Realty Inc

Int'l R.E. Serv. & Inv., Inc.

Intercapital Resources Invtmts

Intercounty Invest. Enter. Inc

Interinvestments Realty, Inc.

International Exchange Realty

International Investors Realty

International R.E. Enterprises

International Sunshine Realty

International Unlimited Realty

Interworld Investments, Inc.

Investments 160 Inc

Investments 160, Inc.

Investreal, Inc.

Ioxus Realty, Llc

J C Investment Realty

J M Realty Inc

J Poole Commercial Llc

J. Dahan Rlty, Inc.

J. Leslie Wiesen, R.E. Brk.

J.B. Realty

J.D. Real Estate Services, Inc

Jack Thomas , Inc.

Jack Thomas, Inc.

James E Reynolds

James F. Perry & Company

James R Denton R E Appraiser

Japan Resources, Inc.

Jayson Riverbanks Corp

Jbw Realty Group Inc

Jeanne Baker Realty Inc

Jeanne Baker Realty, Inc.

Jeda Real Estate Corp.

Jem Care Realty

Jenco Realty

Jetstream Appraisal Corp

Jewell Realty Corporation

JFA Realty Co.

Jfa Realty Co

Jfi Realty

John A. Perret-Gentil, Apprs.

John M. Barnes R.E. Appraiser

John Shaw's Real Estate Servic

Jones Lang Lasalle

Jordan Realty

Jorge L. Besu, Broker

Jose Antonio Alvarez, Broker

Jose M. Baena, Realtor

Josue Lopez, Jr. Lic. R.E. Brk

JP Realty Inc

Jra Realty Inc

Jrs Appraisal Services, Inc.

Juan Ramirez Pa

Julieta Q. Garcia Lic Re Brkr

Just For You R.E. Center Inc

Kamany Realty & Prop. Mngmt In

Kant Realty

Keller Williams Premier Props

Ken Janoski Real Estate

Kendall West Realty Inc

Kenland Realty, Inc.

Kenneth L. Frederick Re Broker

Kevin J. Liston, Broker

Key Realty Advisors, Inc.

Keyes Asset Management, Inc.

Keyes Company

Kirilauscas & Associates Realty

Kokee Realty Inc

Krs Realty Inc

Landmark Real Estate Of Miami

Lapeyre Realty, Inc.

Lark Realty

Latin American Realty Inc

Latitude Administrative Office

Latta Realty Group

Lawrence J. Puyanic

Leavitt Realty

Lee Douglas Sterling Lic Re Bk

Legacy Realty Services Inc

Leibert Associates Inc

Leonard Associates

Leonard Ralby & Sons, Inc.

Leoni Real Estate Corp.

Liana L. Tommasi Lic Re Broker

Lifestyle Realty, Inc.

Lighthouse Rlty, Inc.

Linda Klein, Lic. R.E. Broker

Lion Realty Inc

Lisa Lemaster, Broker

Litchfield Properties, Inc.

Live Rite Realty Corp.

Lnr Property Corp.

Lodging & Hospitality Rlty Inc

Lopez Realty Co.

Loret De Mola Property Invst

Los Angeles Realty

Lucent Realty Inc

Luck Realty

Lucky Commercial Rlty, Inc.

Luis E. Carrillo, Lic. Broker

Luis Rabell, Realtor

Lumar Real Estate Services Crp

Lumas Realty, Inc.

M & M Realty Services Inc

M 2 Realty Corporation

M International Realty, Inc.

M.I.G. International Realty

Mac Russell, Realtor

Macc Investment Corp

Maddux & Company

Magna Real Estate

Mahogany Real Estate Group Inc

Mai Mcbride And Associates

Mainstreet Rlty Of S. Florida

Majestic Properties

Majestic Properties Miami, Inc

Mar Realty & Associates

Marelli Realty & Property Mgmt

Marina Realty Group

Mario E. Henriquez, Brk

Mark Pace

Marshall H. Berkson, Brk

Marta Luis, Realtor

Martin-Hidalgo & Assoc. Realty

Martinez Realty

Mary K. Waters

Mayi Steinberg, Lic R.E. Brk.

Mayor Real Estate Corp

Mayor Realty

Md Appraisal Services Inc.

Mederos And Associates R.E.

Mega Properties Group Inc

Mega Realty Inc

Mel Forman & Associates Inc

Melvin Chaves, Realtor

Metro Dade Realty, Inc.

Metro South Realty Corp

Metropolitan Brokers

Metropolitan Realty Of Fl

Metrovest Realty Services

Miami Appraisal Service Co.

Miami Florida Realty Inc

Miami Gables Realty, Inc.

Miami International Appraisers

Miami Investment Brokers, Inc.

Miami Latin Realty

Miami Network Realty, Inc.

Miami Pro Realty

Miami Real Estate Services,inc

Miami Realty Group, Inc.

Miami Southbeach Rlty Inc.

Miami-Dade County Elections De

Michael J. Bellizzi, Realtor

Michael K. Silver

Michael Latterner & Associates

Michele Morris, Broker

Midtown Realty Int'l, Inc.

Midtown Realty, Inc.

Miguel A. Morales, Realtor

Miguel A. Suarez Lic Re Broker

Millennium Iii Realty Services

Millennium Realty, Inc.

Miriam H. Galiana, Realtor

Mitchell Knight Rlty Group Llc

Mizrach Realty Associates

Monkar Realty, Inc.

Monte Investments

Morales & Company Inc

Morgan Whitney, Inc

Morlin Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Ed Realty Inc.

Mutiny Realty Llc

My Discount Realty Corp.

My Home Realty Inc

My Home Realty, Inc

Myhomequest, Inc.

N & E Equity, Inc.

Napolitano Rlty Corp

Nation's Realty Intl Group Inc

National Properties Corp

National Real Est. Resource Co

Nations Best Realty, Inc.

Nationwide R.E. Services

Nautical Realty Inc

Nelson Realty Services Inc.

Neo Realty Llc

Net Value Realty Inc

Network Investment, Inc.

Network Realty Inc

New America Real Estate Inc.

New Florida Rlty Corp.

New Millennium Realty Inc

New Realty

New World Realty Corp.

Newland Realty Corp.

Newman-Greenstein Real Estate

Noble Realty Group Inc

Norah Schaefer Inc.

Norman Mckenzie Corp

North Dade-S. Broward Prop.Inc

Northern Star Realty, Llc

Northern Trust Bank Of Florida

Northgate Realty Inc.

Northkendall Realty, Inc.

Novoa Realty

Nro & Associates, Inc.

Nu Concept Realty Inc

Nustar Realty, Inc.

Oasis International Realty

Obrador Morgan Intl. R.E.

Ocean Drive Realty

Octavio Fernandez, Broker

Octavio Fernandez, R.E. Broker

Octavio Robles Lic Re Broker

Odracir J. Toledo, R.E. Broker

Olga F. Bella Lic Re Broker

Olga R. Fernandez-Pla, Realtor

Omar C Lewis

Omega Realty, Inc.

On The Market, Inc.

One Stop Realty

One Stop Realty D/B/A One Stop Realty

Only You Realty

Onyx Realty Inc

Opus Commercial Group Inc

Orma Realty, Inc.

Oscar Del Mazo Real Estate

Our Associates Realty Inc.

Overseas Properties Realty Inc

P & P Realty Inc.

Paladin Real Estate Service

Palm Property Services Inc

Palmettobayrealty.Com Inc.

Pan American Invsts & Sales Co

Pan American Realty & Invst

Pan Florida Realty, Inc.

Panorama R.E. Group, Inc.

Panther Realty Services Inc.

Paradise Park Rlty, Inc.

Paramount R.E. Investments Inc

Park Lane Realty

Parman Florida, Inc.

Paschal & Associates Realty

Pastor Leonides Suco Re Broker

Pat Suarez Land & Properties

Paul L. White & Assoc. Inc.

Paul Reyes-Fournier, Broker

Pedro Del Rio, Broker

Pegasus Group Realty Inc

Perfect Properties Inc

Perkins Real Estate Inc

Personalized Realty

Peter P. Mestre, R.E. Broker

Phillip A. Thomas, Realtor

Phoenix Real Estate Counselors

Picot & Company Rlty Advisors

Piedmont Real Estate Co.

Pilato Realty

Planet Realty Corp.

Planet Z Realty

Platcoastreal Inc.

Platinum Properties Int'l Inc.

Platinum Real Estate Svcs Inc

Pnr Realty

Point Dujour Realty Inc

Pollyco Realty

Portfolio Real Est. Serv. Inc.

Post Realty

Power Real Estate Usa Inc

Powerhouse Real Estate Inc

Preferred Property Appraisal

Preferred Real Estate Svc.,inc

Premier Homes Realty Inc

Premier Investment Realty

Premier Properties Llc

Premier Properties Of Miami,in

Premier Realty & Invest. Group

Premier Realty Group Of S.F.

Prestige Homes & Assoc. Inc.

Primavera Real Estate Corp.

Prime Properties Realty, Inc.

Prime R.E. & Associates Inc

Prime Realty Investor Corp

Professional Realty & Land Co.

Profit Realty Corp

Pronto Appraisals, Inc.

Properties Usa, Inc.

Property Consultants of South Florida, Inc.

Property Professionals, Inc.

Property Real Estate, Inc.

Providence Real Estate And Inv

Providian Realty

Prudential All-Star R.E.

Pyramid Properties Int'l Inc.

Quality First Realty Corp

R C Commercial Realty Inc

R J Katz & Company

R.E. 2000, Inc.

R.E. Teammates

Rafael Suarez Rlty, Inc.

Rain Forest Realty Corp

Rainbow Real Estate Inc

Rainman Realty, Inc.

Ralph Realty Corp

Randall O. King, Realtor

Randy William Gillman, Broker

Ray C. Barnes & Co.

Re/Max Advance Realty, Inc.

Re/Max Grandeur Realty Inc

Real Deal Realty

Real Estate America, Inc.

Real Estate Appraisers & Con.

Real Estate Concepts, Inc.

Real Estate Connection, Inc.

Real Estate Consultants Of Fla

Real Estate Promoters Inc

Real Estate Solutions & Fin.

Real One Realty Corp

Realpro Group, Inc

Realtor Associates Of Florida

Realty Advisors Group Inc

Realty Executives Miami Homes

Realty Executives Of Brickell

Realty Executives-Miami Intl.

Realty Investments Corp.

Realty Of America

Realty One International

Realty Trends Inc

Realty World Intl. Gateway

Realty World Intl. Gateway Realty World International Gateway

Realty World Miami

Realty World Properties

Realtynet Services, Inc.

Regency Commercial Prop. Inc.

Reinaldo Urquiola, R.E. Broker

Related Cervera Rlty Services

Remax Advance Realty II

Rent & Sell Realty, Inc.

Rent Free Realty

Rentacasa Realty Corp.

Resales Inc

Rich Homes Of Florida, Inc.

Richard Dufour Re Appraiser

Richard H. Cava, Realtor

Richard M. Hattler

Richard Sieder, Appraiser

Richmond-Perrine Realty

Rick Dickson St Cert Res

Rieder Realty

Rigo Ledesma Lic R. E. Broker

Rilea Realty Corp

Rita Rindone Appraisers

Riteway Properties Iii, Inc.

Rivas Realty, Inc.

Rivero & Associates Rlty Inc.

Riviera Realty Associates Inc

Robert E. Gallaher, Realtor

Robert G. Davis, Broker

Robert Lee Bryant, Broker

Robert M Layne Lic R.E. Broker

Rockefeller Group Dvlp Corp

Roque Realty Group, Inc.

Ros Realty Group, Inc.

Rosa Archer Realty Inc

Ross & Ross Company Inc

Rovel Realty Llc

Roy Owen Realty Assoc., Inc.

Royal Bay R.E. Group Inc

Rubio Realty

Sam B. Nevel Inc

Sandra Goldstein & Assoc. Inc.

Sanibel Int'l Prop. Inc.

Santa Maria Management Llc

Sassine Realty Inc

Savana Realty

Say Realty, Inc.

Scott Minchew & Co.

Sdr Properties Of Dade County

Seabreeze Realty Company

Seacoast Real Estate, Inc.

Sellers Realty

Sergio O. Ruiz

Ses Group Companies

Seth M. Sklarey Lic. Re Broker

Sfd Realty Inc.

Shaughnessy Realty Co.

Shelborg Realty Inv Group Inc

Shelley Realty Corp

Shelton & Assoc Realtors Inc

Sherman Properties Inc

Sherry Rlty & Development

Showcase International

Sikma Corp.

Silvia E. Borell, Realtor

Skyline Equities Rlty Fla Llc

Slc Int'l Brokerage

Smart Choice Rlty & Financial

Smith Associates

Sobe Realty & Associates

Soicher Intern'al Prop., Inc.

Soicher, Bitran & Associates

Sol Y Arena Intl Realty Co

Sonia Sarmiento Lic Re Broker

South Atlantic Enterprises, In

South Crest Realty, Inc.

South Florida Alliance Realty

South Florida Estate Realty

South Florida Realty Inc.

South K Realty, Inc.

Southeast Capital Realty

Southern Mansions Realty, Inc

Southwest Realty Of Miami Inc

Spartan Realty Inc.

Sperling Realty

Star Apple Realty, Inc.

Star-Shine Realty, Inc.

Starr Homes Realty & Inv. Inc.

Stellar Realty, Inc.

Stephen E. Gaunt, P.A.

Stephen T Cox

Sterling One Realty


Success R.E Associates, Inc

Summit International Rlty Corp

Sun Realty Investments Inc

Sunland Realty Associates Inc

Sunny Investment Realty

Sunset Real Estate Services Co

Sunstream Realty

Suresh Mody Realty

Susan B. Vogel Realty

Susan L. Butter, Realtor

Swire Brickell Key Realty, Inc

Sybil Todd Realty, Inc.

Syd Johnson Realty, Inc.

T/A Pellon Realty

Taubman Company

Taylor & Mathis

Tech Appraisers Of Florida

Tenzer Rlty Inc. & Associates

Teresita Gyori Lic. Re Broker

Terra Mar Realty Of Miami

Terranostra R.E. Investments

Terranova Crop

Terremark Realty, Inc.

The Allen Morris Company

The Brickell Realty Group Inc

The Camp & Associates Int'l

The F I R M Realty, Inc.

The F I R M Realty, Llc

The Foster Co Of South Florida

The Fuentes Group

The Gables Real Estate Service

The Grand & Assoc. Realty Inc.

The Happy Plate Inc.

The Hogan Group, Inc.

The Home Stop Realty Co.

The James Pozo Realty Group

The Keyes Co., Realtors

The Keyes Company, Inc.

The Marlin Group, Inc.

The Muskat Group, Inc.

The R E Resources Group Inc

The R.E. Home Gallery, Inc

The R.E. Resource Grp., Inc.

The Real Estate Source

The Real Estate Workshop, Inc.

The Speizer Company

The Sterling Group Usa, Inc.

The Talia Group

Thomas H. Brymer, Ii P.A.

Thomas M. Patrick, Broker

Thomas Scott Reed Lic. Re Brok

Tigertail Realty

Time Properties Inc

Tito Zambrana & Associates

Tjw Realty, Inc.

Toledo Realty Inc

Tomorrow Realty & Investments

Top Quality Appraisals Inc

Total Market Rlty. & Inv., Inc

Total Realty Solution Inc

Total Realty, Llc

Trade America Holdings, Inc.

Transaction Aide, Inc.

Tree Top Realty, Inc.

Tri-B Construction Corporation

Tri-County Associates

Tri-County Association

Triangle Associates Realty Inc

Trinity & Company, Inc.

Triple C Realty Inc

Tristar Real Estate Corp.

Tropics Realty Group, Inc.

Trust Appraisal

Trust International Rlty Inc.

Trust Realty Inc

Trust Realty, Inc

Tucen Company

Twin Towers Real Estate, Inc

Ty Realty, Inc.

Ugarte Investments Corp.

Unicasa Kendall Realty

Unicasa La Florida Rlty Llc

Union One Realty Corp.

Union Real Estate Corp.

Unique Investment Realty Inc

United First Realty, Inc.

United National Rlty Co.

United Nations Realty Corp.

United Realty & Invst Group

Universal 1 Realty

Universal Investments Realty

Universal Real Estate Group

Universal Realty Network, Inc.

Universe Real Estate Svc, In

Unlimited Invst. Of America

Upper Deck Cruises Inc

Upper East Side Realty Inc

Urban Development Group Realty

Urban Point Properties Inc.

Urban Realty & Development

Urbanland Realty Llc

Us Brokers Lc

Us Capital Realty

Us Capital Realty & Investment

Valledor Company, Realtors

Valor Appraisal Company

Value Appraisal Group

Ven American Real Estate, Inc.

Venetian Realty Iii, Inc.

Ventana's R.E. Group

Ventana's Real Estate Group

Versatile Realty & Finance, In

Vertec Global, Inc.

Veterans Realty

Victores Realty

Village Life Realty Inc

Vintage Realty Grp. Inc.

Vip Florida Invest. & Finance

Vip Real Estate Services Inc

Vision Int'l Realty Inc

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Vistas International Realty

Vizcaya Realty Of Miami, Inc

Vole-Pingaro Partnership

Warmington Realty

Waterhouse Int' Realty, Inc.

Webb & Associates Inc

Webb Appraisal Services, Inc.

Wenzel Investment Company

West Coast Realty Consultants

West Development Realty Inc

West Lakes Properties Realty

West-East Realty Inc

Westchester Realty Inc.

Westland Associates

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Wimbish Riteway Realtors

World Properties Usa, Inc

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World Real Estate Services Llc

Wuajiro Realty Inc.

Wynco Realty Partners, Inc.

X M Properties

X.M. Properties

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Yanda & Associates

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Yem & Associates, Inc

Yes Realty Services Inc

Younger Properties Inc

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