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The Real Estate Agent Registry in Louisville, Kentucky

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20/20 Realestate With A Vision

A. G. Steier Realty Co.

Aarea Real Estate Services

Aaron Chase Real Estate

Accent Realty Services

Accord R.E. & Mortgage Brokers

Accurate Appraisal Service

Ackerson Realty

Adams Realty

Adept Realtors, Llc.

Airport Relocation Office

Alan Adelberg & Associates

All Five Real Estate

Allan Nash Real Estate

Allgeier Company

Als Realty

American Dream Realty

Amos Martin Construction Co.

Anhouse Appraisal

Anhouse Apprsl

Ann Caslin, Realtor

Ann Clark Real Estateresources

Anna L. Biedenbender Company

Apartment Brokers Ky

Apple Hearth & Home Real Est.

Apple Real Estate

Apple Real Estate Company

Appraisals Unlimited

Appraiser Inc.

Armon H Morgan, Realtor

Assist 2 Sell A Killion Realty

Assist 2 Sell Carousel Realty

Assist 2 Sell-Killion Realty

Assist-2-Sell Biddle Realty

At Your Service Real Estate

Athena Investments, Llc

B&k Appraisal Service

Baldwin Realty

Bank Of Louisville

Banta Development Group

Bas Appraisals

Bass Company, Realtors

Beacon Properties

Beams Real Estate

Beams Real Estate Inc.

Beargrass Realty Inc.

Beck Realty Group

Bell, Fore & Mitchell

Bennett & Associates Realtors

Bennie Lightsy Realty

Bert L. Blieden Company

Bert L. Blieden Company Re

Beryl Alcorn Realtors

Betty Murphy Realty, Inc.

Betty Schutte, Realtors

Betty Schutte, Realtors Inc

Biggers Realty

Bill Gramig Real Estate

Bill Scott, Realtor

Bill Stout Properties

Bisig Real Estate Company

Blacketer Company

Blackhorse Realty

Blacksmith Homes

Blankenbaker & Company

Blr Realtors

Bluegrass R. E. Professionals

Bob Bean Realty Company

Bob Bean, Realtors

Bob German Real Estate Co. Llc

Bob Hayes Realty Company

Bob Luckett Real Estate Broker

Bob Luckett Realtors

Bob Marrett Realty Llc

Bohr Appraising

Bowles Realty

Boyles Real Estate Co.

Brangers Appraisal Co.

Brangers Appraisal Company

Brangers Company

Breland Group Realtors

Brenda Bowlin, Realtor

Brenda W. Bowlin, Realtor

Bright Appraiser's

Brooks Real Estate

Brooks Realtors

Brotzge & Company Realtors

Brown Forman Corp.

Bruce A Zoeller Real Est.Brkr.

Bruce A Zoeller, Realtor

Bryan Cundiff Company

Buckner Realty Company

Burshears Company Realtors

Business Brokers & Consultants

C. Robert Peter Realtors

C. Robert Peter Realtors Inc.

C. William Weyland, Psc

Caldwell & Associates

Camp Miranda Gilezan Realtors

Campbell Five Star Realty

Campisano Realtors

Canaan Associates, Inc.

Cardinal View Realty

Carl D. Frederick, Realtor

Carl R. Hines Realty Company

Carl R. Smith & Company Realty

Carl R. Smith Real Estate

Carlos W. Spink Real Estate Co

Carlos-Celletti Properties

Carol W. Hebel, Inc. Real Est.

Carol W. Hebel, Inc. Realtor

Carousel Realty

Carricato Realtors

Cb Richard Ellis/Nicklies

Centennial Real Estate, Llc

Century 21 Realty Group-Hagan

Century 21-Dick Vreeland&assoc

Century 21-Joe Guy Hagan

Cervelle Realty Corporation

Charles A. Brown, Jr., Realtor

Charles A. Brown, Sr., Realtor

Charles Bentley Realty

Charles E. Cooper Realtor

Charles H. Pence Real Est.Brkr

Charles H. Pence, Realtor

Charlotte Walford Appraiser

Cherokee Realty

Cheryl E. Vernon

Chip Sprigg, Realtors

Chris Coury Realtor, Inc.

Chukkar Realty

Citizens Realty Company

City Properties Group

Cj&h Realty

Classickle Realestate Services

Claude W. Combest, Realtor

Clay L. Scott, Realtor

Clay Wiles Realtors

Clifford Appraisal Service

Coldwell Banker/Action, Rltrs

Coldwell Banker/Action, Rltrs.

Coldwell Banker/Foremost, Rlts

Coldwell Banker/Mcmahan Co.

Collier Realty

Colonial Services/Lcrr

Colwell Realty, Inc.

Commercial Investment Realty

Commercial Kentucky, Inc.

Commonwealth Realty

Concept 2000 Realtors

Concordia Llc

Connelly Relocation Realty

Conway & Associates

Coronado Realty

Crabtree Real Estate

Craig D. Duerr Real Estate Co.

Cullen Appraisal Service, Inc.

Cumberland Real Estate

Cunningham Realty Company

D-B Realty

D. H. Ashby Company, Inc.

D. Paul Brown & Associates

Dahlem Realty Company, Inc.

Dalton Homes Inc.

Dancor Commercial Realty

Daniel R. Kessler, Realtor

David Jackel Realtors

David L. Schank, Realtor

David R. Miller, Realtor

Deaco Real Estate

Dean's Realty

Dean's Realty Service

Debusschere Realty, Inc.

Deeley Company Realty

Delfino Realty

Delling Appraisals

Dennis R. Finck Realtors

Derby City Homes Inc.

Derby City Realtors

Derby City Realty

Dew Appraisals Inc.

Diamond Elite Realtors

Diamond Realtors

Doll Commercial Realty

Don A. Hartley, Appraiser

Don Calvert & Company

Duane Realty, Inc.

Dudgeon & Associates

Duncan Realtors

Durst & Moert, Realtors

East End Realty

Edelen, Edelen Realtors

Edenside Realtors

Edward Frank Co., Inc.

Edward Hysinger, Realtors

Edward J. Kemper, Realtor

Effinger Realtors

Eiferman Realty

Eitel Real Estate Group, Inc.

Eline Realty Company

Elite Realtors

Ellis & Associates

English Appraisal Services,inc

Environs Realty

Epic Properties, Inc.

Era-Kepple-Keene, Realtors

Ernst & Ernst Properties

Evergreen Realty

Exclusive Buyers Realty, Llc

Exit Realty

Fadeley Appraisal Services

Falvey Commercial Properties

Faulkner Hinton & Associates

Fenley Real Estate Group

Fidelity Realty Co.

Fielding H. Dickey Real Estate

First American Real Estate,inc

First Development Company

First Key Homes, Inc.

First Realty Group

Fischer Corporation

Fitzsimmons & Co. R. E. Aprs.

Five Star Gallery Of Homes

Fluhr Commercial Real Estate

Flynn Appraisal Consultants

Forum Realty

Four Sail Realtors, Inc.

Fox Realty

Fpm Realtors, Llc

Frank Chambers & Associates

Frank Clay Realty Company, Inc

Frank W. Owens, Iii, Realtor

Fred Schlatter, Realtor

Fuller & Associates

Fuller & Associates Comm. R.E.

Fuller Commercial Real Estate

G. Starks Realty

G. Starks Realty Co.

G.P. Deeb, Realtor & Assoc.

Gallavin & Associates

Galloway Appraisal

Gemini Realtors, Inc.

Gene C. King, Realty

Gene Rosenstein & Associates

George Johns Realty

Gerald Ruhs Co., Realtor

Gerald Schott Agency, Inc.

Givhan & Mitchell Realtors

Glen E. Stuckel

Global Real Estate Services

Gnr, Llc

Golden Rule-121

Golden Rule/Bratcher Realty

Greater Louisville Association

Greenwell Co. Realtors

Guy Montgomery Realtor

H.D.C. Company

Habco Realty

Hack Realtors

Hagan Seay Properties

Harbour Realty Company

Harland White Realtors

Harold W. Cates & Co. Inc.

Harris Realty Company

Harrison Realtors

Harrod Realty

Harry K Moore Co

Harry K. Moore Company

Harry Vinegar Realtors

Hawaii Sands Real Estate Group

Hawkins Realty Group

Heart Of America

Heart Of America Property Mgmt

Heitzman Real Estate Company


Help-U-Sell Metro Realty

Helton Appraisal Service

Hensel Company Realtors

Hettinger Realty

Historic Arizona Real Estate

Historic Lou. Real Estate Co.

Hoagland Commercial Realtors

Hogan Development Co.

Holliday, Fenoglio, Fowler, Lp

Home Mart/Gary Hybergerrealtor

Homefinders, Inc.

Homeland Realty

Homequest Realty Services, Inc

Hometown Real Estate Company

Horn & Co. Realtors

House Buyers Inc. Realty

Housing Associates

Howard Realty

Hunter & Associates

Hunter-Mosher Company

Icomm Realty Company

Infinity Management Co., Inc.

Innovative Realty

Insuramax Properties, Llc

Insuramax Realty

Insuramax Realty Llc

Integra Chapman & Bell

Integrity Real Estate

International Realtors, Inc.

Ipc Midwest Management Inc.

Ipc Real Estate Management Llc

Iroquois Realty

Ising Real Estate

J. Barry Rietze

J. Michael Jones & Associates

J. Robert Westerman

Jack Griffin Company Realtors

Jack Gruneisen Company

Jack Mccarty Mai, Realtor

Jack R. Medford, Broker, Inc.

Jack Smith Company

Jacobson Realty

Jag Realty, Inc.

James R. Ernst Broker

James S. Karp Real Estate

Jan Scholtz, Realtors

Jane Hayes Signature Realtors

Jane Higgins, Realtor

Jay Paxton, Realtor

Jdm Real Estate

Jeb Real Estate Llc

Jeffersontown Devlp. Company

Jett Realty

Jewell Young Realty

Jewell, Realtors

Jim Hall & Associates

Jimmie Kirby Real Estate

Jimmie Kirby, Realtor

Joe Daugherty Real Estate

Joe English Of Louisville

Joe Peery Co

Joe Peery Company

Joe W. Chiles, Realtor

Joe Wolf, Realtor

John D. Klein Company, Inc.

John J. Tierney Realtor/Appr.

John J. Weikel, Ii, Realtor

John M. Riley, Realtor

John Paul Straub Company

John Pfannenschmidt Realtors

John T. May & Associates

John Todd Appraisal Services

Joseph Davis Real Estate

Joseph F. Marks

Joy Eberenz Realtor Assoc. Llc

Juanita Tellman, Realtor

Judah Real Estate Group

Julie L. Lampe, Realtor

Julie Pogue Properties

Jw Lopp

Keegan Mackinnon Co.

Keesee Company, Realtors

Kell Dixon Realtors

Keller Williams Louisville East

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty Louisville

Keller Williams Realty Louisville East

Ken Bohler Realtor

Ken Kolb Realty

Ken Thieneman Realtors, Inc.

Kenny Moore, Realty

Kentucky Investment Company

Kentucky Realty Corporation

Kentucky Select Properties

Kestler Group

Key Assoc., Homeco Real Estate

Kfg Properties

Kinker Realty Company

Kirby Realty Company

Kirchdorfer Realty

Kja & Company, Inc.

Kruse Appraisal Service

Ky Transportation Cabinet

Ladd Real Estate

Landmark Realty, Inc.

Lanham & Associates Realtors

Larry Boeshart, Realtor

Larry K. Baumgardner, Llc

Laverne D. Hollis, Realtor

Laverne Heck, Realtor

Leon C. Figa, Realtor

Les Goff Construction Co. Inc.

Lewman-Miller Appraisal Co.

Lindenfeld Realty

List 4 Less Realty, Inc.

Listing Realty.Com

Littlefield Realty Co.

Louisville Home Store Realtors

Louisville Mls.Com, Llc

Louisville Properties

Louisville Real Estate Co. Inc

Lynnhurst Realty

Magruder Company Realtors

Majestic Real Estate & Dev.

Marco Associates

Margie Cox Real Estate

Marie M. Smith Realtor

Mark A. Lechner Co. Realtors

Mark Mcculloch Realtors

Marshall Realty Company

Martha G. Burress Real Estate

Martin D. Hoehler Realtor

Martin L. Adams & Sons Inc.

Mary Jane Halbleib Realtors

Mason Co. Realtors

Mayer Realtors

Mayflower Realty Company

Mc Gee And Associates

Mccarthy Realty

Mcclellan Realty Co

Mccoy Real Estate

Mcdonogh & Associates

Meiners & Associates, Llc

Metro Real Estate

Metts Company Realtors

Metzger Co. Inc.

Milton R. Haskins Realtors

Mls Realty

Molly Enterprises Real Estate

Monsour Builders

Moore & Associates

Morgan Jackson Realty Company

Mosher Appraisal Service

Msr Real Estate

Mulloy Properties, Inc.

Murry H. Smith, Realtors

Mvp Realty

Nat Sanders

Nelda E. Bundy, Realtor

New Look Realty & Const. Inc.

Nts Residential Realty, Inc.

O'rourke & Associates, Inc.

Old Kentucky Home Board Of Rea

Olde Towne Realty Advisors Llc

Olympic Realty

Omni Realty

On The Move Realtors, Inc.

Options Real Estate Services

Padgett Realtors

Par Realty

Paramount Properties, Inc.

Pat Hornback Realtors

Pat Watts, Realtor

Patricia A. Ryan, Inc.

Patrick D. Murphy, Realtor

Patrick H. Gorman, Realtor

Patterson Properties, Inc.

Patti Morgan Realtors

Paul Schlich, Realtor

Paul Semonin Realtors

Peggy Gorbandt Real Estate

Persimmon Tree Realty Co. Inc.

Personal Touch Realty

Phil Howard Realtors

Phillip Leigh Company

Pike Realty

Pilcher Realty

Pioneer Land Company

Pioneer Realtors, Llc

Pitt City Properties Inc.

Preferred Homes, Inc.

Preferred Properties

Preferred Realty Service

Premier Properties Of Louisvil

Premium Choice Real Estate Co.

Prestige Realty Co., Inc.

Pride Real Estate Company

Priority 1 Real Estate

Properties Plus, Inc.

Property Management Resources

Property Management& Realty Co

Prudential Parks & Weisberg

Quiggins Realty

R. J. Stewart Associates

R. J. Thieneman Company

R. Michael French, Broker

Rainey, Jones & Shaw Realtors

Ramey And Associates, Inc.

Randall Pierce, Realtor

Ray & Associates

Ray Levy, Realtor

Ray Palazzo Realtors

Raymond E. Sandbek, Realtor

Re/Max 100, Inc.

Re/Max Action First

Re/Max Alliance

Re/Max Associates

Re/Max Associates Oflouisville

Re/Max Commercial Brokers

Re/Max Connections

Re/Max Elite

Re/Max Professionals

Re/Max Properties East

Real Estate 2000/Cochran

Real Estate 2000/Herren

Real Estate Centre

Real Estate Marketplace

Real Estate Plus, Inc.

Real Estate Plus, Llc

Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Specialists

Real Estate Unlimited

Reality Realty

Realty Plus

Realty Sales & Service, Inc.

Realty World Associates, Inc.

Realvest Realtors

Red Bud Hill Realty

Reid Real Estate

Relocation Services Inc.


Renaissance Realty Consultants

Renaissance Realty Enterprises

Research Properties Inc.

Reynolds & Associates

Rhawn Properties Llc

Richard B. Eberenz, Realtor

Richard Grammer Realty

Richard H. Thompson, Realtor

Richardson Realty

Rick Shaw Realtors

Riddle & Associates

River City Investment Company

River Falls Realty

River Glen Realty

Road Runners Realty

Robert A. Mcdonald, Realtors

Robert Adelberg Co. Realtors

Robert Blunk Realtors, Inc.

Robert D. Ford, Realtor

Robert Duggins, Realtor

Robert E. Mccarter

Robert E. Wells, Realtor

Robert J. Cissell, Company

Robert King Realtors

Robert L. Schroering, Realtor

Robert Massey Company

Robert T. Howard, Realtor

Robin K. Hall

Rod Smith Real Estate Broker

Rodulfo Realty & Building Co.

Roger Edlin Realtors

Ron Kurtz, Realtors

Ron Smith Realty

Roppel Appraisal Service

Roppel Appraisal Services, Inc

Rosenstein & Tasman

Roth Realty Company

Rush Walker, Realtor

Russ Gailor & Associates

Russell Broaddus, Realtor

Russell Witten, Realtor

S. G. Priest Company, Realtors

S. J. Anderson Company

S.B. Realty

S.G. Priest Company Realtors

Sachse Appraisal Service

Saling Realty

San Dee Crabtree Realty

Sanderfer Realty Company

Sandra K. Vertrees Realtors

Sandra Mclaughlin-Tabler

Sant Commercial Real Estate

Saul Anhouse, Realtor

Scb Realty Group

Schempp Realty Company

Schulten Company

Semonin Realtors

Senn Realty Company

Sentry Realty Lc

Seville Realty, Inc.

Sharon Hall Appraiser

Sharon Landrum Realty

Sharon Smith, Realtor

Sharron Blincoe Realty

Sheehy Realty

Sheila Tasman Company

Sherrell Bentley R.E. Services

Shirley Pike Real Estate

Sickles Inc.

Sidebottom & Company, Realtors

Simon & Waterman Realtors

Simon Realty Company

Simpson Realtors

Skelton Company Realtors

Smallwood Realty Co., Inc.

Sonshine Realty

Southeast Realtors Inc

Spalding Homes & Realtors

Spann Realty

Sparks Realty

Spetz & Associates Realtors

Spring River Realty

Stan Humphrey Construction Co.

Stanford Properties

Star Realtors Inc.

Star Realty, Inc.

Stephen C. Gault Co.

Stephen F. Rose, Broker

Steve Porter Realtors

Stickler & Associates Agency

Stonelake Homes, Inc. Realtors

Striegel & Associates

Stuart Properties

Suburban Realty

Sue Osborne, Broker

Suell Real Estate

Sunnyside Realty Inc.

Superior Realty Inc.

Swenson & Ellison Llc

Swenson's Real Estate Services

Syd Wright Company Realtors

Syl Rapier Company

T.P. Realtors

Tami L. Conti Broker

Tamplin & Company


The Breland Group

The Broadhurst Group

The Dattilo Realty Company

The Dinsmore Company

The Helm Company

The Home Source

The Kelsey Group, Llc

The Kircher Company, Inc.

The Lally Company

The Lally Company Realtors

The Lurding Company Realtors

The Metcalf Co. Realtors

The Real Estate Professionals

The Realty Channel

The Realty Marketplace

The Ridge Co. Realtors

The Schaefer Company

The Schroering Company, Inc.

The Shuck Co. Realtors

Thomas Company

Thoroughbred Real Estate

Tmg Properties, Inc.

Tnt Realtors

Tom Cowley Realtor

Tom Rector Company

Tom Thieneman, Jr., Realtor

Tony Baker Real Estate

Town & Country Homes

Traid Development

Trilogy Realtors

Turner Realty Management, Inc.

Twenty First Century Re

Underhill Associates, Inc.

Underwood Realty

Universal Properties

Ussery Real Estate

Value It

Vector Realty Advisors Of Ky.

Venterra Realty Llc

Venture Realty

Vernon A. Ludwig, Realtor

Vicki L. Fields Appraiser

Vista Realtors

W. Tom Huber, Realtors

Wakefield, Reutlinger Company

Walter Harper, Realtor

Walter Wagner, Jr Co. Realtors

Walton Jones Realtors, Inc.

Washington Mutual

Watson Appraisals, Llc

Watts Properties

Wayne Wilhite, Realtors

We Buy Houses, Realty

West & South End Realty Co.


Wheatley Real Estate

Wigginton Realty

William F. Lippy, Realtor

William G. Simpson Broker

William J. Cooper Company

William P. Snyder, Realtor

William R. Cox R. E. Appraisal

Williamson Commercial Group

Williamson-Mulloy Comm. Group

Wimsatt Realty

Winters Realtors

Wm. D. Otto Spence Real Estate

Wm. R. Sellinger & Associates

Woodstone Realty, Inc.

World Mortgage

World Savings

Wre Realty, Llc