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The Real Estate Agent Registry in Columbus, Ohio

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1st Place Realty

Aberdeen Sterling Realty Advs.

Advanced Realty Management Inc

Advisor Real Estate Team of William Fannin Realty, Inc.

Affordable Real Estate Company

Al Stamper Realty

Allquest Real Estate

Alterra Real Estate Advisors

Am Appraisals, Inc.

Andy Siers Real Estate

Apartment Locator Service

Appraisal Link

Appraisal One

Appraise Ohio

Approved Appraisal Alliance

Aquarius Realty Company

Ardent Realty

Arshot Real Estate Services

Art Lee Realty, Inc.

Art Russo, Realtors

Audubon Real Estate Company

Autarkic Real Estate

Available Properties, Inc.

B & A Realty, Realtors

B.A.C. Realty

Ba Appraiser

Baldwin Realty Group

Banc One Realty Advisors, Inc.

Barnett Real Estate

Beacon Property Mgmt & Realty

Beechwold Realty

Best Corporate Real Estate

Blankenship Real Estate Co.

Block Realty

Boyd, Realtors

Bradcon Properties, Inc.

Bradford Realty

Brixton Properties

Broker One Realty, Inc.

Brokers & Associates, Inc.

Buckeye Real Estate

Burnham Real Estate

Buyer's Advantage Realty

C & W Realty

C. V. Perry & Co.

C.P.R. Realty Co., Inc.

Calgary Realty, Ltd.

Camerons Crossing Real Estate

Capitol City Brokerage

Capohio Real Estate

Care Real Estate

Carey Falor Realty Partners

Carl J. Rechner, Realtor

Carpenter Ohio Property Mgmt.

Carriage Trade Realty, Inc.

Cassel, Realtors & Auctioneers

Casto Investment Sales, Llc

Cb Richard Ellis, Inc.

Ce-Gee Realty

Ceil Russo, Realtor

Celeste & Associates

Centerpoint Development, Ltd

Central State Realty

Century 21 Cr O'neil & Co.

Century 21 Joe Walker & Assoc.

Century 21 Sparks Real Estate

Chaffin Realty

Chuz Alfred & Assoc.

Classical Realty

Classics Realty, Inc.

Clifford & Rudolph Appraisals

Clifford, Realtors

Cnr Realty, Ltd.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Urs

Coldwell Banker King Thompson

Columbus & Central Ohio Mls

Columbus Board Of Realtors

Columbus Commercial Realty

Columbus Metro

Columbus Real Estate Brokers

Commercial One Asset Mgmt.,inc

Commercial One Realty, Inc.

Commercial Proprty Network LLC

Compass Realty, Inc.

Condohio Realty

Conquest Corporation

Contemporary Realty

Continental Realty, Ltd.

Coridan & Associates

Craig King Realty Group

Craig Realty Company

Crawford & Company, Realtors

Crescent Realty

Crites Realty Company

Crw Valuations

Cynje Realty

D. D. Frye & Co., Realtors

Dandridge Realty, Inc.

David C. Wise, Appraiser

David D. Dicken, Realtor

David R. Hatcher & Associates

David S. Ingalls Co., Realtors

David S. Wood, Realtor

David W. Houze, Realtor

Defourny, Realtors

Denkowski Real Estate

Dj Hawk & Associates

Don M. Casto Organization

Don M. Casto Realty Company

Don Ritter Realty

Donald P. Woods Real Estate

Donbar Realty Company

Dooley & Co., Inc.

Dorrian Real Estate

Dot Realty Company & Assocs.

Doug Rife & Co., Realtors

Douglas & Associates Realty

Douglas Real Estate, Inc.

Dragoo & Associates

Drexel Realty Advisors, Inc.

Dunbar Realty Company

Dunkel Co., Realtors

E. Hixson Realty

E. L. Anderson, Realtors

E. S. & S. Company

Eagle Realty

Easton Realty

Ebright Realty

Eclipse Real Estate Group, Inc

Edward Robbins & Son

Elite Property Management

Elliott S. Luckoff Real Estate

Elsbree & Company

Epler Realty Company

Equity Builders Realty

Equity Office Properties Mgt.

Everest & Assoc., Llc

Exclusive Buyer Agency

Exxcel Contract Managment Inc.

Fairlington Appraisal Company

Falco, Smith & Kelley, Inc.

Faulkner/Gmac Real Estate

Feibel Realty Company

Ferrell's Allquest Real Estate

Fesco Realty Company

Fifth Third Bank

First Continental Realty, Inc.

Fishman Property Management

Forrest G. Allen Investments

Four Star Realty

Foxboro Management Company

Frank B. Young, Inc.

Frank Metzger, Realtor

Future Realty Company

Gall & Goss, Realtors

Gene Fulscher Realty

Genesis Property Analysts, Llc

George Schuliger, Realtor

Gilbert Group, Ltd.

Greer & Co., Inc.

Grubb & Ellis Adena Realty

Gurwin Appraisers, Realtors

H. C. Bland Realty

H. Richard Wood, Realtor

Haid Enterprises, Inc.

Hambleton & Associates

Hambleton Real Estate Conslts.

Hamilton Commerce, Realtors

Hardwick, Inc. Real Estate

Harris Realty Company

Hartsook Real Estate Corp.

Help-U-Sell Partners

Henderson Realty

Her, Inc., Realtors

Herb Jaxn Realty

Heritage Properties

HI Realty, LLC

Holgate Enterprises

Homemarket, Inc.

Homestead Communities Realty

Homewise Real Estate Services

Honeycutt, Inc., Realtors

Horizons Real Estate Group Inc

Huntley Real Estate

Indus Companies

Infinity Real Estate Co., Llc

Innovations In Real Estate

J. A. K. Investments

J. L. Hall Company, Ltd

Jack W. Lee & Associates

James F. Sipp Realty

Jay V. Eckhart, Broker

Jerome Hackman, Realtor

Jerry Boundy Real Estate

Jim Hildenbrand Realty

Jim Rook, Realtor

Joan Warner, Realtor

John D. Dempsey Realty

John M. Emanuele Realty

John M. Ranft & Company

Joseph Skilken Realty, Inc.

Joyce Mitchell, Appraiser

Jt Appraisal Services

Jwl Real Estate Services, Inc.

Keller Williams Classic Prop.

Kent Amlin Realty


King Capital Realty

Kocher, Realtors

Kohr Royer Griffith, Inc.

L. A. Fox & Associates

Lane Realty & Associates

Lantz Appraisal Service Co.

Larry E. Alban, Realtor

Lee Realty

Lexford Properties, Inc.

Lgr Realty

Ligon & Co.

Lindner Realty Co.

Links Real Estate Company

Littlejohn Associates

Lmh Real Estate

Long & Wilcox, Llc

Lori Realty

Loving, Realtors

M.J., Realtors

M3 & Associates Real Estate

Mae-Zee Corp.

Mark F. Taggart Company

Mark W. Abbott Realty

Marty Matusoff Associates

Mary J. Carr & Associates

Mary K. Schmidt

Metro Ii Realty

Michaels & Kohl, Inc.

Michelson Appraisals

Mid Ohio Properties Realty

Mid-America Realty Corporation

Midwest Real Estate Company

Mike Ferris Properties, Inc.

Minister Realty, Inc.

Mollica Consultant & Appraiser

Murray Realty

Myers Real Estate

Nai Ohio Equities, Realtors

Nash & Associates

Nation's Choice

National Housing Corp.

Nationwide Life Insurance Co.

Nationwide Realty Services Ltd

Ncr Realty Services, Inc.

Ned Merkle & Company

Neil Crabbe & Company

Nestling Properties, Inc.

New World Real Estate Conslts.

Newhouse Realty

Niemann Real Estate

Norm Quinn, Realtor

Northsteppe Realty

NorthSteppe Realty Inc

Northwest Realty Company

Np Limited Partnership

Nu Trend Realty, Inc.

O'malley Real Estate

Oakstream Homes & Investments

Ohio Aor

Ohio Assoc. Of Realtors@

Ohio Association Of Realtors

Ohio Commercial & Industrial

Ohio Savings Bank

Ohiocorp Realty, Inc.

On Target Realty Company

Onyx Realty

Owl Realty, Inc.

Owner's Development Realty

P.R.A./World Realty, Inc.

Passen Realty Group LLC

Patricia A. Myers & Company

Patrick H. Williams, Realtor

Patrick Phillips Real Estate

Patterson Merkle Associates

Peitzke Real Estate

Pete Hewetson, Realtor

Peter H. Luft, Inc., Realtors

Pettus Realty

Phil Holdrieth Realty

Phoenix Land Realty

Pinnacle Realty, Inc.

Pizzuti Management, Llc

Power Realty

Preferred Realty

Professional Real Estate Servs

Promise Realty

Property One, Inc.

Prudential Calhoon Company REALTORS

Prudential Residential One

R. A. Myers & Associates, Inc.

R. F. Berger & Associates

R. S. Garek Assoc., Ltd.

R.L.J. Mgt. Co., Inc.

R.P.A. Realty, Inc.

Ralph Q. Devault & Associates

Randolph & Asoc. Real Estate

Randolph & Associates, Inc.

Rankin Real Estate

Re/Max Associates Realty

Re/Max Capital Centre

Re/Max City Center, Realtors

Re/Max East, Realtors

Re/Max Metropolitan

Re/Max Premier Choice

Re/Max Town Center, Llc

Real Estate Investers Mgmt. Co

Real Estate Opportunity

Real Living New Markets Group

Real Property Analysts, Inc.

Realty Choice One

Realty Consultants

Realty Executives Central

Realty Executives Decision

Realty Finance Management, Llc

Realty Place, Inc.

Realtyohio Gmac Real Estate

Reiner Realty & Consultants

Renaissance Realty, Inc.

Resource Real Estate, Ltd


Richard T. Day & Company

Ridge Realty Of Columbus

Right Move Realty, Llc

Robert A. Neal Associates

Robert Garrison, Realtor

Robert J. Robert, Realtor

Robert L. Schirtzinger Co.

Robert R. Reed & Associates

Rockford Homes Realty, Inc.

Roger C. Perry & Company

Roi Realty Services, Inc.

Ron Hibbard Realty

Rosemary Hughes Real Estate

Russell Real Estate, Ltd

Ryan & Ryan Real Estate Co.

Sales One Realty.Com Llc

Sarah Simpson, Realtor

Saxton Real Estate

Scarlet & Gray, Realtors

Schilder & Associates

Scioto Land Company, Ltd

Scott Q Realty Company

Scott-Shell Realty

Sells Homes Everywhere, Llc

Sherlock Homes, Inc., Realtors

Showe Realty, Inc.

Shroyer Real Estate

Signature Real Estate

Solutions For Real Estate

Sorrell & Company, Inc.

Souders & Associates

Spectrum Properties, Inc.

Standard Corporation, Realtors

State Teachers Retirement Syst

Stephen S. Wittmann & Co.

Sterling Property Management

Steve Silbaugh & Co., Realtors

Stockyard Realty

Stone Realty, Inc.

Street Realty

Sunrise Properties, Inc.

Superior Homes Realty

Superior Homes Realty, Inc.

T.C. Johnson Realty

Talbott Real Estate

Taurus Realty, Inc.

Teamnet Realty, Ltd

Terry & Company, Realtors

The Ackley Real Estate Company

The Alt Company

The Andrew J. Dick Co.

The Apple Company

The Appraisal Group

The Barcus Company, Inc.

The Barger Company

The Buyer's Advocate, Inc.

The Carol Company

The Charles R. Porter Co.

The Daimler Group, Inc

The Fritsche Corporation

The Hadler Companies

The Morris Company

The Raglin Group, Ltd.

The Ritter Company, Realtors

The Robert Weiler Company

The Schenk Company, Inc.

The Seckel Company

The Staubach Company

The Stephen M. Handler Co.

The Thorson Company

The Wagenbrenner Company

The Wood Companies

Thomas E. King, Realtor

Thomas H. Lurie & Associates

Thomas J. Pusecker, Appraiser

Thomas Miller Real Estate

Thomas Millican & Assocs.

Tiger Realty

Tim Rini Realty Company

Timberline Development

Timothy S. Kohr, Realtor

Tinker Realty

Tom Anders, Realtor

Townhomes Management, Inc.

Towns & Young Real Estate

Trans-State Realty

Transohio Realty Company

Trembly Realty

Tri-County Appraisal

Trotter Realty

U-Sell Real Estate

U.S. Realty Consultants, Inc.

Union Savings Bank

Usa Urban Suburban Appraisal

Valuation Resources, Inc.

Vannatta Brothers, Inc.

Varsity Realty

Victory Realty Services, Inc.

Vip Realty, Inc.

Virginia Welch Real Estate

Vision Realty, Inc.

Voyageur Realty Company, Llc

W. E. L., Inc.

Wagenbrenner Investment Co.

Wallace F. Ackley Company

Wallick Properties Midwest Llc

Warner Trautman Real Estate

Wedgewood Realty, Inc.

Whit Dillon Realty

Wilhelm & Associates

William R. Roth, Realtor

William Winegarner Real Estate

Wolfe Appraisal Services

Woodbrook, Realtors

Woodford Contemporary

Yerke Mortgage Company

Zelnik Realty, Inc.

Zweig Financial Realty

Zweig Realty