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The Real Estate Agent Registry in Dallas, Texas

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1 Great Real Estate Team


A Star Realty

A.J.S. Management, Inc.

Aaa Home Inspections

Abio & Associates

Abio Ahk Realty

Abtriss Fine Real Estate

Accu-Rite Home Inspections

Accucheck Inspectionservices

Ad Valorem Tax Representatives

Addison G. Wilson, Jr.

Adleta & Poston, Realtors

Adleta Fine Properties

Advanced Foundation Repair, Lp

Advanced Foundation Systems

Advanced Mortgage, Inc.

Al Coker & Associates, L.L.C.


Aleman & Associates, Inc.

All Real Estate Llc

All States Appraisal Group, In

Allegiance Title Company

Allegiance Title Company-Dalla

Allen Luterman Company

Allen Property Corporation

Allen/Roark Corporation

Alliance Metro Home Inspection

Allie Beth Allman & Assoc.

Allied Real Estate Appraisal

Allin & Associates, Realtors

Alternative Management Group

Amelia James, Realtors

Ameri-Tech Home Inspections

America...On The Move!

American Appraisals

American Diversified Propertie

American Home Mortgage

American Home Shield

American Mortgage Investor

American Title Co.

American Title Company

American Title Oaklawn

Ameripride Real Estate

Amerispec Home Inspection Serv

Ameristar Information Network

Ameritex Mortgage

Amerivest Companies

An Agent For You, Inc.

Anderson Realty Group

Andi Carter Realtors

Andres Real Estate

Andrew J. Kaye

Andrew Wilson Home Inspections

Andrews Company, Realtors

Ann Hooker

Ann Piper, Realtors

Ann Teague Real Estate

Anna Saybolt

Annise Investments&real Estate

Anthony S. Lavatino

Aon Private Risk Mgmt. Insuran

Apartments & Homes For D*fw

Appealing Gardens Landscape

Appraisal Service Group

Appraisal Shop


April Building Services Inc.

Arcadia Properties, Llc

Arch Foundation Repair

Archon Group, L.P.

Arledge/Power Real Estate

Arlinda Whitaker

Arsia Ahulia Adams, Broker

Arthur Kramer & Associates

Arthur P. Gale, Realtors

Arturo Singer

Ashton Woods Homes

Aspire Financial Dba Texaslend

Assassin Termite & Pest Contro

Assistance For America

Associated Value Systems, Inc.

Assured Realty

At & T Local Services

Atlantic Mortgage Services

Attel Glass & Construction

Avail Consulting

Avalon Real Estate Services

Avangard Real Estate Serv.

Avangard Real Estate Services

B Moore Realty

B. J. Wofford & Associates

B.L. Couch, Realtors

B.M. Davis & Associates

Bank Of America

Bank Of America Mortgage

Bank Of Texas

Bank Of Texas Mortgage Group

Bank Of Texas, N.A.

Bank One

Bank One - Tx1-3340

Bank One Tx1-3340

Bankers Financial Group

Baptist Foundation Of Texas

Barbara A. Miller, Realtor

Barbara Lampert Real Estate

Barbara Nardizzi

Barbara Simpson, Broker

Barclay Commercial Group, Inc.

Barnett/West Custom Homes

Barron Realty, Inc.

Barry Lee Burton

Bass Pro Shops

Bateman & Associates, Inc.

Bci Realty

Bdo Seidman Llp

Beatrice Alba Martinez Realtor

Bebe Hall Realtors & Prop. Mgm

Beco Properties Inc

Bedrock Foundation Repair

Belclaire Investment Corp

Bell Real Estate

Benetta Rusk

Benjamin Edwin Barnett

Bette Schuttler, Realtor

Better Homes, Realtors

Better Inspections, Inc.

Betty Crawford, Realtors

Betty's Residential & Comme

Bevans Real Estate

Bfg Real Estate

Bh Management Services, Inc.

Bickham Inspection Company

Bienes Raices De Tejas

Bill Young, Inc.

Bingaman Real Estate Co.

Biskamp & Associates, Inc.

Blackmarr & Associates

Blair White Realtors

Blair White, Realtors

Blankenship Investments

Blaylock, Realtors

Blue Star Title, Inc.

Bluffview Real Estate

Boardwalk Properties Limited

Bob Bobbitt Custom Homes

Bob Carlson Company

Bob Lilly, Realtors

Bob W. Williams & Associates

Bob Whitten Residential Inspec

Bobby Evans, Realtors

Bodwell Real Estate Group

Bolanz & Miller

Boltex Properties I, Ltd.

Bondstreet, Realtors

Bonnie Rea Realtor

Boulevard Real Estate

Box & Assoc. R.E. Appraisers

Boyd Investment Company

Brad Camp & Assoc., Inc.

Bradford Companies

Bradford Mgmt. Co. Of Dallas

Bradley & Bradley Realtors

Brenda Lockhart Co.

Brenda Wood, Realtors

Brent Cooper-State Farm Agency

Breunig Commercial Management

Brewer Commercial Inc

Brian Thomas Real Estate

Bridges Realty

Brigante & Associates

Briggs - Freeman Real Estate

Bright & Company

Bright Mortgage

Britain Commercial Real Estate

Bromur Properties

Brooks & Associates, Inc.

Brooks Capital, Inc

Brooks Haley Company

Bruce P Hall & Associates

Bryan E. Humphries & Assoc.

Buckhannon & Associates

Builder Inc. Realtors

Builders Realty

Burch, Realtors

Busca Real Estate Properties

Business Strategies, Inc.

Buyer's Representatives Of Tx

Buyers And Sellers Consultants

C. E. Stewart Real Estate

C. H. Williams, Realtors

C. L. Mcdade & Company

C. O. Nichols & Assoc.

C. Reed & Associates

C. W. Sparks Management

Cain And Naylor

Cal Realty Advisors

Callahan Properties

Calvert Real Estate

Campagna & Assoc., Realtors

Campbellmonger.Com, Realtors

Candler Company

Capital Consultants

Capital Consultants Management

Capital Consultants Realty Ser

Capital Group Home Mortgage Co

Capital Title Of Texas

Caprock Group

Capstar Commercial Re Services

Cardamon Realty Group

Caren Boyle Clemmer, Realto

Carl Barnes Real Estate

Carl E. Lane

Carl Shinpaugh Appraisals

Carol Allred Company

Carol Carson & Associates

Carol King

Carolyn Mcinnis Properties

Carolyn Shamis, Realtors

Carramerica Realty Corp.

Carramerica Realty Corporation

Cary Laughlin Johnston

Casa Linda Real Estate

Casa Real Estate

Casas De Texas Realty

Cascade Capital Mortgage

Caseyco, Realtors

Castle Keepers, Inc.

Castlebrook Realty Group

Catellus Management Corp.

Catherine J. Wills

Cathy Rudder Real Estate

Cato & Associates, Realtors

Cawley International

Cb Richard Ellis

Cecil J. Rhodes & Assoc.

Cencor Realty Services

Cencor Relaty Services, Inc.

Central Control Co.

Central Management Inc

Central Real Estate

Central Realty

Centurion Real Estate

Century 21 Galloway-Herron

Century 21 Joyce Shiplett

Century 21 Judge Fite Co.

Century 21 Judge Fite Realtors

Century 21 Judge Fite, Realtor

Century 21 L.A. Ramos,realtors

Century 21 Larry Watson Realtors

Century 21 Laurent & Associate

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

Chad Norcross,pllc

Chadwinn L. Campbell

Champion School Of Real Estate

Champions Management

Champions School Of Real Estat

Chaparral Realty Inc.

Chapman Realty

Char Sutherlin Real Estate

Charles M. Daniels, Realtors

Charles M. Sanderford

Charles Ragan Company

Charles S. Williams & Co.

Charlotte Harding

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp.

Chavez Properties

Cherry, Howell & Landry, Llp

Cheryl L. Johnson R. E.

Cheshire & Assoc Appraisal

Chicago Title Insurance - Pres

Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Chl Realty Group

Christensen, Realtors

Christian Bradley, Realtors

Chuck Green & Associates

City - Country, Realtors, Inc.

City Living

City Of Dallas

City Of Dallas, Housing Financ

City Realty Group

Cityplace Co.

Cityspace, Inc.

Citywide Real Estate Services

Clarice Langran

Clements, Realtors

Clifton W. Cassidy & Associate

Cloud Roofing, Inc.

Cmd Realty Investors, Inc.

Cna Pro

Coffer, Realtors

Coldwell Banker Commercial S A

Coldwell Banker Residential

Colliers International

Colonial Bank

Colonial Real Estate

Colonnade Investments

Colonnade Properties

Combined Relocation Services

Comerica Bank - Texas

Comerica Bank-Texas

Commerce Land Title Inc

Commerce Ttile

Commercial Real Estate

Commission Express

Commonwealth Land Title

Commonwealth Land Title Co.

Community Homebuyer Mortgage

Community Realty Group

Compass Real Estate

Concept Development Corporatio

Connelly Realty

Conner Ivy Company

Connie Hughes

Conrow Company

Continental American Mortgage


Cook Enterprises Inc.

Cooper Commercial, Inc.

Corner Real Estate Services, I

Cornerstone Development Corp.

Cornerstone Development Corpor

Cornerstone Mortgage

Corrigan Real Estate Services

Corrigan-Jordan Insurance Agen

Costello & Associates

Costello & Associates,realtors

Cotten Real Estate Company

Cottonwood Partners

Couch Realty, Inc.

Countrywide Home Loans

Coyle Realty Advisors

Creative Realty Solutions

Creative Realty Solutions, Inc

Creekwood Property Corp

Crescent Real Estate

Crescent Real Estate Equities

Crescent Rl Est Equities, Ltd.

Criterion Homes Group, Llc

Croeseus Partners

Crosson Dannis,inc.

Crossroads, Realtors

Crown Realtors & Assoc., Inc.

Ctx Mortgage Company

Cushman & Wakefield/Premisys

Customer First Realty Services

Cynthia Heed, Real Estate

D Properties

D. J. Mcauliffe Cos., Inc.

D. W. Skelton & Associates

D.Charles Ltd

D.F.W. Relocation Network

D.W. Realty

Daedelus Corporation

Dalcan Investments

Dalinda Avila, Realtors

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Dallas Buyer's Agents

Dallas Central Appraisal Dist.

Dallas City Homes, Inc.

Dallas County Public Works

Dallas East Homes

Dallas Housing Authority

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Online Realty

Dallas Park Properties

Dallas Realty Investment

Dallas S.W. Real Estate

Dallas-Fort Worth Associates

Dan Beaird Company

Dan Matise Realty Service

Dan Newell, Cpm, Ccim

Daniel B. Stuart Jr.

Darrell G. Johnston Co.

Darryl Robinson

Daryl Morris & Assoc.

David Carruth

David Cook Company

David Ellis Real Estate

David Griffin & Company

David J. Morgan & Associates

David L. Mcgee

David Little Real Estate

Davidson Conine Realty Advisor

Davidson Realty Advisors, Llc

De Muth Real Estate Llc

Dean Morgan Realty

Dean Vanderbilt

Deanna Simsek

Deborah Bruckner

Deborah C. Burk

Deborah Masterson Realty

Debra Jean Coleman

Deetz Homes

Defoe Appraisal Group

Dell Brownell Contracting

Deloitte & Touche Llp

Deloitte & Touche, Llp

Delphi Group

Dennehy & Associates, Inc

Dennis & Associates

Derrick Arnaz Gibson

Developers Marketing Group

Devonshire Re And Asset Mgmt

DFW Elite

Dfw Lending Group

Dfw Real Estate Group

Diane Davis & Associates

Diaz, Realtors

Dick Ferrell Co

Dick Peoples Company, Inc.

Dillon Corporate Services, Inc

Dimensions Real Estate

Dlg Services

Dmm Real Estate Services

Dohoney Appraisal Service

Don Grimes Real Estate Apprais

Don Knobler And Company

Don Williams & Company

Don Williamson, Appraiser

Don Wilson, Realtor

Donald Harris

Donna Savariego Homes, Inc.

Doris Mahler Properties

Doug Bailey Real Estate

Douglas Jackson

Douglas Newby & Associates

Douglas Simmons Realty, Rlt

Dove Realty Company

Duggan Realty Advisors

Duperier Properties, Inc.

Dwight Mcfolin, Realtors

E F Properties L. C.

E Realty

Eagle Eye Home Inspection

Ebb Reynolds, Realtor

Ebby Halliday, Realtors

Ebby Halliday,realtors Campbel

Ebby Halliday-Apt.Leasing/Corp

Ebby Halliday-Leasing&prop.Mgt

Eberle Appraisal Services

Echelon International Corp.

Ed Feemster

Eddie Tann Real Estate

Edgar Appraisal Services, Inc.

Eduardo J. San Roman

Edwin A. Arvesen & Assoc.

Egusta Howard Iii

Elbow Services

Elite Transport Inc

Ellen Burton, Realtors

Ellen Terry, Realtors

Ellerman Homes, Inc.

Ellison Thomas Realtors

Elm Development Company

Emerald Home

Emerald Home Llc

Emerson Partners

Emerson Partners Inc.

Emmett P. Ball

Empire Properties Co.

Enclave Realty, Inc.

Encore Homes, Inc.

Environmental & Safety Solutio

Equinet Realty Inform. Systems

Equis Corporation

Equity Investments

Equity Office Properties

Equity Office Properties Trust

Era-All Star, Realtors

Era-Parkway, Realtors


Eric Biskamp Real Estate

Eric Miller Homes, Inc.

Estate Realty, Inc.

Estates Sold

Ester Perry Realty

Etc Sales, Ltd.

Evelyn Coleman Realty

Everest Realty, Inc.

Everett & Associates

Executive Choice, Realtors

Executive Home Mortgage Co.

Executive Realty

Express Mortgage And Inv. Co.

Ezhut.Com Realty Services

Farmers Insurance Group-Ross

Farner Investments

Felder & Company

Fellman Realty Management

Fenceroy & Associates

Fidelity Commercial Realty

First American Bank

First American Tax Valuation

First Avenue Realty

First Fidelity Title

First Funding Group

First Horizon Home Loans

First Legacy Realty, Inc.

First Mercantile Mortgage

First Omni Realty

First Select Residential

First Southwest Company

Fischer & Company

Five Star Financial, Inc.

Foley & Puls, Inc.

Forest Hills Real Estate Group

Forsythe Appraisals, Inc.

Fortune Appraisal Services

Fortune Realty Advisors

Foster & Rudd Commercial

Foster-Hayden Realtyadvisors

Fourmigue Realty Company

Fox Foundation Repair, Llc.

Frame & Associates

Franco M. Eleuteri

Franconia Realty

Frank Tanzy, Realtors

Fred Blair Real Estate Co.

Fred Brodsky Company

Freelance, Inc.

French & Associates, Inc.

Frishman Investments

G.R. Realtors & Associates


Gaedeke Landers, Llc

Gaedeke Landers, Llc.

Gage Homes, Inc.

Gaines Real Estate Company

Gary D Picken Company

Gaskill Contractors

Gatehouse Properties

Gateway National Bank

Gateway, Realtors


Gdc Ltd

Ge Capital Realty Group, Inc.

Gecko Pest Control

Genaro Silva & Associates

Gene Rhodes & Associates

Genie Carpet Cleaning Services

George Evans Company

George Gilmore's Real Estate

George Mcelroy & Associates

George W. Works Co.

George West & Associates

Get There First Realty

Gilchrist & Company

Glacier Commercial Realty, Lp

Glen E Barry Real Estate Appra

Glen E Barry, R.E. Appraiser

Glenda K. Rich

Glenn Williams

Global Financial Mortgage Corp

Global Realty Group, Inc.

Glynnell C. Bunch

Gmac Real Estate/Winans

Golden West Realty

Golman & Associates

Good Home Inspection

Goodloe Realty Services,inc

Grady Jordan & Company

Granberry Properties, Inc

Grand Realty Of Texas

Granite Properties

Gravlee Commercial

Gray + Co., Realtors, Inc.

Great Southwest Realty

Greater Dallas Association Of

Greater Metro Mls

Green Homes Realty

Greenway Investment Co.

Gregory Allen Johnson

Gregory Commercial, Inc

Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Greystar Management Services

Group One, Inc., Realtors

Group One, Realtors

Grubb & Ellis Management Serv

Guaranty Federal Bank, Fsb

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank

Guaranty Residential Lending

Guaranty, Realtors

H & S Realty

H.T. Morris Co.

Hair-Bernays, Realtors

Hall & Associates

Hallwood Commercial Rl Est Inc

Hammer Company, Realtors

Hank Dickerson & Co.

Harker And Associates

Harlin Company

Harmon White

Harold Chenault Realtors

Harold Poole Co.

Harrington House, Realtors

Harvard Property Trust

Harvey Mclean & Associates

Harvey Ratliff

Harwood International

Harwood Pacific Internation

Hawkins-Welwood Homes, L.P.

Hay & Jones Inc.

Help America Buy Homes Sw

Henry C. Miller

Henry S. Miller Commercial

Henrywise Realty

Herman Miller Workplace Resour

Herschel Forester & Co.

Hexter Fair Title Company

Hexter-Fair Title Company-Corp

Highland Homes

Highland Homes/Huntington Home

Hillwood Residential

Hines Interest L. P.

Hoffman Int'l., Properties

Home Buyer Store, Usa

Home Loan Corp.

Home Partners

Home Selectors, Inc.

Home Team Mortgage Co. L.P.

Home Team Mortgage Co., L.P.


Homes To Go Realty Services

Homevestors Asap Property Inc.

Homsher Interests Inc

Hope Real Estate

Housemaster Home Inspection

Hudson & Marshall Of Tx, Inc.

Huffines Communities, Inc.

Hultgren Real Estate

Hunt Properties, Inc.

Hunter & Kramer. P.C.

Hunter Real Estate Group

Hunter Realty

Hyde Street

Ideal Realty


Imagine Real Estate Services

Independent Valuations

Indoor Air Quality Engineering

Industrial Developments Int'l

Infiniti Plus Realty Llc

Infinity Real Estate Company

Innovative Investors Realty

Integra Realty

International Capital, Inc.

Interstable Inc

Intown Properties

Intrepid Group Real Estate

Invesco Realty Advisors

Investors Service Realty

Iplan Home Imaging

Irvin Company

J Realty & Finance

J. C. I., Inc.

J. Elmer Turner, Realtors, Inc

J. Haptonstall Real Estate

J. Holmes Davis

J. L. Cottrell & Assoc.

J. Michael Wiggins

J. Ringer Custom Homes, Inc

J. Small Investments

J. W. Lindsley & Company

J. Williams Co.

J.E. Mitchell & Associates

J.P. Lumbley & Associates

J.R. Black Properties Ltd

J.R.Woodley Ranch R.E., Inc.

Jack Aills Appraisal And Consu

Jack P. Friedman & Asociates

Jack Pogue & Company

James Gaspard

James H. Darnell

James Jones & Associates

James L Johnson

James L. Falvo, Dfw Advisors

James M. Leftwich

James Seal

James Sowards

James T. Elliott, Iii

Jameson Properties

Jamie Boren

Jan K Milligan

Jane Price Company

Janis Zelzer, Realtors

Jay D. Allen Jr. & Associates

Jay West Realty

Jb Value Plus Properties Ltd

Jean Oldfield

Jefferson Mortgage Services

Jen Han, Realtors

Jenco Real Estate Services

Jennifer Rogers Real Estate

Jeraldine Wooldridge R E

Jerry A. Allegro & Associates

Jerry D. Crane, Sra

Jerry Kissick Custom Homes, In

Jerry M. Evans

Jerry Smith Realty

Jewell Realty Company

Jhm Properties, Inc.

Jill Parcell

Jim Collins - State Farm Agent

Jim Greenfield Co.

Jim Harned, Realtors

Jim Kerin

Jim Lake Company

Jim Reinhardt & Associates

Jim Walsh Company

Jmf Quality Home Inspections

Jms Realty

Jn Real Estate

Jnolasco Realty

Joan Houck

Joan Wynne Company

Jodell Clarke And Company

Joe Foster Company

Joe Hollingsworth & Associates

Joe Jackson Realty

Joe Longest Company

Joe Nix Company

John Adams Associates

John Allegro Inc.,realtors

John Baxter Company

John Childs Real Estate

John D'angelo, Inc.

John D. Marshall

John Freese & Associates

John H. Huett, Realtors

John Holmes Real Estate

John M. Jackson, Realtors

John M. Stone Company

John Mcquade

Johnson & Johnson

Jonathan Kutner Co

Jones Lang Lasalle

Jones Real Estate Services

Jones-Murray & Associates, Inc

Joseph D. Akers

Joseph Jacobson Real Estate


Jude Rl Barcenas, Broker

Judith Elizabeth Dunn

Judy Gee Realty

Judy Mckee, Realtor

Judy Pittman, Inc.

Julie Spellman Appraisals

Julien J. Studley

Julien J. Studley Inc.

Julien J. Studley, Inc.

June Chung Real Estate

Justin A. Hodge

Justiss & Justiss, Realtors

Kamco Property

Kamco Property Company

Kanter Company

Karen Meyers Karen Meyers, Inc

Karns Commercial Real Estate


Keeling Company Realtors

Keller Williams - Park Cities

Keller Williams Dallas City Ce

Keller Williams Dallas City Center

Keller Williams Elite Park Cities

Keller Williams Elite- Dallas and Park Cities

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty Plano

Keller Williams Realty Preston

Keller Williams Urban Dallas

Keller Williams, North Dallas

Kelly Lewis Hickman

Ken Wood Company

Kennedy Mahon Realty


Kennedy-Wilson Properties

Kenneth Johnson, Broker

Kenneth Seifert & Associates

Kenstar Realty

Kevin G. Smith

Kimbell Group

Kimberlee Real Estate

King & Associates

Kings Of Realty

Kirchen Appraisal Company

Kirchhoff And Associates

Klj Realty Advisors

Koeppel Tener Real Estate

Koll Development Company

Kolter Property Management

Kosowsky Valuation Associates

Krk Jackson Company

Krottinger & Kompany

Kuhn & Company, Inc.

Ky Ii, Realtors

L & B Group

L & B Realty Advisors, Inc.

L & L Property Management

L&b Realty Advisors, Inc.

L&c Real Estate

L. Diane Glidewell

L.A. Ramos & Associates

La Paz

Lafuente's Real Estate

Lakeside Realty

Lakey And Associates Realty

Lance Hardy & Associates

Land America-Commonwealth Titl


Landamerica Commonwealth Title

Landamerica/Commonwealth Title

Landmark Real Estate

Landmark Realty

Lane Commercial Properties,inc

Langkop & Assoc.

Lantower Properties

Lapaul Partners

Larry Brann Real Estate

Larry Brooks

Larry Johnson Real Estate

Larry Parker Real Estate

Larry Waldrop, Realtor

Larry Williams

Laurence Douglas Henry

Laurence E. Sykes Company

Laurie Newberg

Lawrance-Wilson Commercial Rea

Lawrence Gallaway, Jr.

Lawrence James Tate

Lee Fischer & Associates, Inc.

Lend Lease Asset Management

Lend Lease Re Investments

Lendlease Re Inv.

Lenn Kaptain, Realtors

Leon & Associates, Inc.

Leonard - Hawes Real Est. Sch.

Leonard Neal

Leonard-Hawes Real Estate Sch.

Lerer Realty Corp

Lg Apprasials

Liberty Realty Group, Inc.

Light Appraisal Group

Lincoln Property Co.

Lincoln Property Company

Linda Acker

Linda Webb & Associates

Lively Realty

Living Fully Ministry

Livingston Advisors

Locations Locator

Lone Star Inspections, Inc.

Lonestar Professional Real Est

Lonestar Residential Brokerage

Longhorn Foundation Repair

Longhorn Foundation Repair, In

Lopez Real Estate Services

Lowdon Realty

Lozano Enterprises Realty

Lumacorp Inc.

M Jean Shivers

M. D., Realtors

M.L. Jones & Associates, Inc.

Mabry, Realtors

Macfarlan Real Estate Services

Mago And Associates Inc.

Main Stream Realty

Mainland Home Loans

Majors & Majors Realtors

Mak Advisory

Malechek & Associates

Malone Mortage Company

Malone Mortgage Co.

Malone Mortgage Company

Maple Leaf Real Estate Serv

Maple Real Estate

Marc A. Birnbaum, Inc.

Marc Donald Muller

Marcus & Millichap

Marcus Wood & Company

Margaret Jenkins

Mario Najera Real Estate Servi

Mark A. Whisenhunt Real Estate

Mark Bond & Company

Mark Donoho Company

Mark R. Smith Company, Inc.

Marlin M. Blake & Assoc., Inc.

Martha Carlson, Realtors

Martha Diane Marshall

Martin Pyle Realty

Martyn Hammer Real Estate, Llc

Marvin F. Poer & Company

Mary Ann Rethke

Mary Etta Martin

Mary Miller

Master, Realtors

Masthead Realty Advisors, Llc

Matise Realtors

Matise, Realtors

Matt Nevitt

Matt U. Mattingly

Max W. Wells

Maxim Realty & Mortgage

Mccarver Appraisal Services

Mccaslin Development

Mccaslin Development Co.

Mcd Properties

Mcgregor Echols Group

Mcneil Real Estate Management

Mcroberts & Co., Inc.

Md Financial Network

Mead Development

Meador Realty Co.

Meadow Creek Village Realty

Meadows Real Estate

Medina & Medina Real Estate Co

Meirrak Realty

Melba Howell

Melbay Group, Inc.

Melena Meazell

Mell Thoman Realty

Merit Center

Merrill Realty & Consultants

Met Life Corp Property Mgmt

Metro Realty Group

Metropolitan Capital Advisors

Metropolitan One Mortgage

Mia Hale Realty

Michael Blacker, Realtors

Michael E. Dyer Family Ltd

Michael Edwards, Realtors

Michael Jezari

Michael Roy Kindred, Realtor

Michael V Clark

Michael's Realty Inc.

Mid-America Mortgage, Inc.

Mid-South Realty

Mike Grossman Real Estate Brok

Milanna Godat Realty

Milkes Realty Valuation

Millenium Realty Service

Miller Real Estate

Milliorn Appraisal Company

Milo Parks Land & Tractor Co.

Mirabella Realty

Miramar Development

Mohr Partners

Momentum Group, Inc.

Monte Hall, Realtor

Monterey Group, Inc.

Montford Companies

Morey & Morey Real Estate

Morrison Management, Inc.

Morton Rachofsky Co., Realtors

Mullinix & Company

Murchison Brokerage, Inc.

Muriel Hughes


Myers & Crow Co.


Nai Stoneleigh Huff Brous Mcdo

Nancy Leamy Properties

Nancy Oliver Realtors

Nancy P. Patterson, Attorney

National City Mortgage

National Realty Partners

Nations Realty Network

Nations Residential Service

Nationsbank Of Texas

Neal Alan Smith

Neal's Inspection Company

Neighborhood Assistance Corp.

Nejat Group

Nelson Arroyo

Neugent & Helbing, Inc.

New Century Realty, Inc.

New Millennium Realty

New West Inspection Services


Newmark Home Corp.

Newmark Home Corporation

Newmark Homes

Newsom, Terry & Newsom

Ngh And Associates

Nicholas Co.

Nickey L. Oates Company

Norma Jean Becton & Associates

North America Trade Service

North American Title Company

North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.

North East Realty

North Texas Commercial Associa

North Texas Health Facility

North Texas R E Information Sy

Northmarq Capital

Northstar Mortgage

Northstar Mortgage Corp.

Northwest Holdings, Inc.

Northwood Properties

Norton Howell Real Estate

Nova Group Realtors

Now Real Estate

Nunneley Real Estate

Nxt Home, Realtors

O'boyle Properties Inc.

O'connor & White, Inc.

O. L. Jernigan & Assoc.

O.T. Bridges

Ofr Realty

Oji Associates

Old Republic Home Warrant

Olly T. Aro

Olympic Commercial Realty

Omnitex Realty

One Source Mortgage, Inc.

One Source Properties

Oneida Real Estate

Onyx Realty Services Inc

Orca, Realtors

Org Real Estate

Org Realty Group

Otis Clayborne & Associates

P H & W Partners, Inc.

P.B. Ross

Pace Realty, Inc.

Palasota Property Co.

Pallas Realty

Pam Davis

Pan American Capital Corp.

Panattoni Development Company

Par One Mortgage Group, Inc.

Park Cities Group

Park Cities Mortgage

Park Cities Realty, Inc.

Park Crest Realty Group

Park Hill Realty

Park One Dallas, Realtor

Parker Equities, Inc.

Parks Real Estate

Parrish Real Estate

Parson's Pest Control

Pat Holland, Realtor

Pat Mays, Realtors

Pat Milliken

Patman Realty Company

Patricia M. Pierce

Patton Bogs Llp

Patton Interests

Paul Jefferson Real Estate

Paul Taylor Corporation

Paul V. Williams & Assoc.

Paul W. Darden Co.

Paula Parks

Pavlic Properties

Pc Realty

Pegasus Realty, Inc.

Peggy Albers

Peggy Santmyer, Realtors

Pendleton Development

Penny Story Realtors

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair C

Perot Development Company

Perry Guest Company

Personal Ins-Pli Brokerage Inc

Personal Lines Ins. Brokerage

Personal Touch, Realtors

Peter N. Zaby, Ccim, Crb, Crs

Peter N. Zaby, Ccim, Crs

Peters Properties

Piba Realty

Pinnacle Real Estate Group

Pinnacle Realty Mgmt. Co.

Pizel & Associates Commercial

Pizel & Associates Commercial Real Estate

Platinum Properties

Pli Insurance Brokerage

Pm Realty Group

Pompey Capital Group/Treg, Inc

Poston Properties

Power Properties

Preferred Choice Homes

Preferred Residential Realty

Premier Group, Realtors

Premier Investment Group

Prentiss Properties

Prentiss Properties Ltd, Inc

Prentiss Properties Ltd., Inc.

Prescott Realty Group

Presidents Realty

Presidio Investments

Prestige Properties

Preston Hollow Realty

Prestonwood Mortgage L.P.

Prestonwood Tower, Inc.

Price Edwards & Co.

Price Realty Corp.

Prime Lending, Inc.

Prime Properties

Prime Source Mortgage

Primeland Realty

Primelending, A Plainscap. Co.

Primera Companies Inc.

Primidom Lending Corp

Principal Mgmt. Group

Principal Residental Mortgage

Principal Residential Mortgage

Professional Escrow Closings

Professional Home Inspection

Professional Inspection Servic

Professional Properties 3

Progressive Realty Advisors

Projections Real Estate, Inc.

Proman International

Prosource Realty Group

Prosper Realty

Proterra Properties

Prudential Texas Prop.-Preston

Prudential Texas Properties

Prudential Ultima Real Estate

Prudential Ultima Real Estate Services

Pulaski Mortgage Company



Quality Assurance Review Co.

Quest Realty Of Dallas

Quorum Commercial

R H Baker Investments

R. H. Middleton & Associates

R.J. Smith Real Estate

Rachelle V. Ehrman



Ranger American

Ray Tolson Company

Rayburn Tucker & Co.

Raymond Peterson And Associate

Re Principals

Re/Max 1st Properties

Re/Max About Town

Re/Max Associates Of Dallas

Re/Max Casa Linda

Re/Max Homeland Realty Inc.

Re/Max North Dallas

Re/Max Of North Dallas

Re/Max Premier

Re/Max Preston Rd. North

Re/Max Preston Road North

Reagan Dixon

Reah,the Real Estate Agent's H

Real Estate And Management

Real Estate Appraisal Group

Real Estate By Betty Frame

Real Estate Consultants

Real Estate Consumer Consultan

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Strategies

Realtors, Network

Realty One D.F.W

Realty Rebate

Realty Resources

Realty Unlimited Group

Red Book

Red Carpet-Pam Freeman

Red Horse Realty

Related Capital Co.

Reliable Property Development

Reliance Mortgage

Reliant Mortgage Corp., Llc

Reliant Properties

Renaissance Turtle Creek Realt

Renovate America, Lp

Rental Safari

Renting Texas

Reo Contractor

Repp, Realtors

Republic Title

Republic Title Of Texas

Residential Lifestyles

Residential Locators, Inc.

Resource Real Estate Services

Restoration Community

Reunion Realty Group

Reunion Title

Rex Real Estate, Inc.

Rich Mountain Financial Servi

Richard C. Latham Company

Richard R. Finlay

Richard Ramirez Insurance

Richland College

Rick Kemp

Ridgley Appraisal, Inc.

Rj Balhorn

Rmg Brokerage Company, Inc.

Robert C Francis Investment

Robert C. Murray Realty

Robert Lynn Company

Robert McNelis Co.

Robert S. Cooper

Robert Smith Realtor

Robin Weber & Associates, Inc.

Robinson Realtors

Rock Realty

Rockland Homes

Roger D. Davis

Roger Fullington

Roland Bandy Investments

Ronald A. Weisfeld Real Est

Ronald E. Huber, Broker

Ronrus Realty

Roppolo Properties

Rose, Realtors, Inc.

Rosen Real Estate

Ross & Associates

Rowlett Realty

Roy L. Jones & Associates

Roy Ross Real Estate

Royal Real Estate Advisors, In

Royal Realty, Inc.

Rreef Management Company

Rsvp Development Group

Rue Realty

Rugs To Riches, Inc.

Russ Carroll, Comm. Re

Russ Carroll, Commercial Real

Russell Alexander

Russell B. Trenary

Russell W. Baity & Associates

Ruth Chenoweth, Realtors

Ryan, Hartmann, Friedel Co.

Ryland Homes

S & S Property Services

S.B. Porter Company

Sanders And Associates

Sanders Realty

Sara Baker

Sara M. Brener

Sarofim Realty Advisors

Sas & Associates, Inc

Sba Realty, Inc.

Schuster & Associates, Inc.

Scott Carlson Real Estate, Inc

Sealy & Company

Sealy & Company Inc

Select Realty Group

Semco Real Estate

Service Real Estate

Serving Dallas TX

Set To Sell

Sewell Real Estate

Sharon Quist

Sharon Reynolds

Sheldon, Realtors

Shelter Mortgage Corporation

Shepherd Properties

Sherron Of Texas

Shirley Mitchell Real Estat

Showhomes Of America

Silver Nest Real Estate Inc.

Simpson Appraisal, Inc.

Simpson Property Group

Skinner Commercial Realty Serv

Skyline Properties

Skyline Properties, Inc.

Slj Company

Small And Associates

Smi Mortgage

Societe Generale

Solender/Hall, Inc.

South Central Realty, Inc.

South Trust Bank

Southwest Land Title Company

Southwest Properties

Southwest Warranty

Spectrum Properties, Ltd.

Spectrum Realty & Dev.

Spire Realty Group Inc

Stafford Inspections

Stanley Hickman Company

Star Five, Realtors

Starr Real Estate

State Farm Insurance

Steiner Schepp Properties

Stephen L. Merani

Stephen Williams

Steve Donosky Company

Steve Nichols Appraisal Servic

Steve Snider, Inc.

Stevenson Realty Advisors Inc

Stewart Title

Stewart Title Company

Stonebridge Resources Group

Stonehorse Realty

Stonewood Commercial Realty

Stonewood Investments

Strong & Graham Real Estate Se

Structured Foundation Repairs

Sue Ringle, Realtors

Summit Southwest Properties

Sun Ridge Management Group


Sunrise, Realtors

Superior Investment Realty

Supreme Lending Mortgage

Surrealty Corporation

Susan B. Anderson

Susan Guedea & Associates

Suzan Cooper

Suzette Bartosh Realty

Sw Cre Partners

Swearingen Realty Group,llc

T. Custom Realty

T. Morgan Farrington & Co.

T.A. Phillips & Associates,inc

Tarpac District 10

Tarpac District 5

Tarpac District 6

Tarpac District 8

Taylor Realty Associates

Teakwood Property Company

Team 1 Dfw Properties

Teri Taylor Realtors, Llc


Terri J. Bush

Terry G. French & Assoc.

Texas Capital Bank

Texas Community Bank & Trust

Texas Comptroller Of Public Ac

Texas Discount Realty Ii

Texas Financial Resource Mgmt.

Texas Heritage Real Estate

Texas Realty Advisors

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Texas State Comptroller

The Atkinson Company

The Barnes Companies

The Burgess Company

The Cantrell Company

The Carlson Company

The Certus Group

The Collins Company

The Consortium, Inc.

The Disney Group

The Drew Company

The Frey Young Group

The H. L. Erdman Corp.

The Hallford Company

The Harberg Masinter Company

The Holt Companies

The Home Inspector

The Hometeam Inspection Servic

The House Advisor

The Jay Massey Company

The John Bowles Company

The Jones Group

The L. D. Moore Co.

The Lampinstein Company

The Lawson Company

The Malin Group

The Mangrin Corporation

The Mansfield Group

The Michael Group

The Michael Group Real Estate

The Mullen Company

The Perdue Group

The Pru-Texas Properties

The Realty Alliance

The Realty Source

The Rreef Funds

The Shampain Companies Realty

The Stroud Company

The Terrell Group

The Vanguard Commercial Group

The Weitzman Group

The Zapffe Company

Thelma Self, Realtors

Theresa Canales-Jud

Thomas Company

Thomas M. Payne

Thomas Properties Grp., Llc

Thomas Williams & Associates

Tim Brennan, Mai

Tim K. Lugeanbeal

Tim Kirk

Titan Real Estate Group

Titan, Realtors

Title Texas, Inc.

Title Texas, Inc.-Corporate

Today Realty Advisors

Todd Bonneau Real Estate

Tommy Hutson, Realtors

Tony Curtis, Realtors

Torrez Inspections

Tower Group Inc.

Town & Country Properties

Townview Realtors Corporation

Tpmc Realty Services Group

Trammell Crow Co.

Trammell Crow Companies

Trammell Crow Company

Transwestern Commercial

Transwestern Commercial Servic

Transwestern Commercial Svcs

Transwestern Property Co.

Transwestern Property Company

Transworld Realty, Inc.

Travelers National Mortgage

Tres Properties, Llc

Trg Investment Corporation

Trg, Inc.

Triad Properties

Trinidad Property Management

Trinity Advisory Group

Trinity Interests

Trinity Meadows Properties, In

Triune Realty

Trizechahn Office Properties

True Dimensions

Trulock Properties Inc.

Twenty Twenty Properties

Twinrose Investments

Txu Energy

U. S. Dept. Of Hud

U.S. Links Realty

Ubs Realty Investors

Ultima Dallas

Ultima Real Estate

Ultima Real Estate Services

Ultra Realty

United Homeland Realty

United Investment Groups

United Lending Partners, L.P.

United Real Estate

United Realty Group Lp

United Realty I, Inc.

United, Realtors

Uptown, Realtors

Urbanloftstyles Real Estate Gr

Us Home

Usa Realty Advisors Inc

V P Storey

Val Mansfield Company

Value Homebuyers

Value Properties

Van Brunt And Associates

Vance C. Miller Interests

Vantage Management Co.

Village Realty

Vintage Contemporaries Inc.

Virginia Cook, Realtors

Vision Real Estate

Vista Realty

Von Buren & Associates, Inc.

W. L. Hosea & Associates

W.A.H. - Tex Realty Services

W.R. Rose Investments, Inc.

Wade E. Fordham Appraisal Svcs

Waggoner & Associates

Walter Pearson Commercial Re

Ward Guffey & Company

Warehouse Properties

Warner Group, Inc.

Warren S. Wingert Co.

Was Real Properties Corp.

Washington Mutual Bank

Wathen Real Estate

Watson & Watson Realtors

Watson & Watson Realtors, Inc.

Wayne Whitter Inspections

Webb - Barton & Associates

Weber And Company

Webster Street, Inc.

Wells Asset Management

Wells Fargo Private Mortgage B

Wendell Pyles & Co., Realtors

Wendy Wright, Realtors

Wesley Keith & Company

West-Elder Real Estate

Westdale Asset Management

Weststar National Title Co.Llc

What A Great Home!

Wheeler Management Company

White Rock Realty

Wilcox Realty Group

Will Hodges

William Davis Realty

William Dillard Real Estate

William Franklin Jackson, Jr.

William Roth Company

William S. Slease Company

William Wade Shipley Realty

Williamson Realty

Willingham Property Company

Wilson & Company Realtors

Wilson K. Mason Company Inc.

Windstar Properties

Wisdom Realty

Wm. Johnson & Associates

Woldt Quality Homes

Woodend & Associates

Woodhaven Homes

World Savings & Loan

World Savings & Loan Associati

Worldwide Mortgage Company

Worth Ross & Associates Inc.

Worth Ross & Associates, Inc.

Wright Appraisal Service, Inc.


Yamil Hernandez, Realtors

Yancey Camp & Associates,inc.

Zennith Realty And Associates