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The Real Estate Agent Registry in Houston, Texas

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(1-800-240-8717) MK Luxury Homes


1st Realestate.Com

1st Texas Realty Services

21st Century Realty


3r Group

5-Star Realtors

A & D Inspections

A & K Realty

A & T Appraisal Services

A A Realty Company

A C & C, Realtors

A Houston Properties

A M Mike Attar

A Professional Inspection

A R Investments

A S Realty

A V Realty

A'lon Realty Co.

A+ Realty

A-Plus Realty

A. David Schwarz Iii, Inc.

A. K. Realty, Inc.

A. Kaldis Interests, Inc.

A. O. Cain Co

A. P. Keller Inc.

A. T. Realty

A.G. Appraisal Services

A.M. Real Estate

A.M.I. Real Estate, Inc.

Aa Home Inspections

Aaa Home Inspections

Aaa Realty

Aamax, L.L.C.

Aaron Layman

Aatco Home Inspections, Inc.

Abba Realty Co.

Abbott & Associates

Abc Realty Advisor

Abel Properties

Abercombie Builders, Inc.

Abernathy Group

Abi Enterprises

Abi Realty

Abid Youssef Khoury-Broker

Abj Property Management, Inc.

Abk International Realty, Inc.

Abl Real Estate Services

Abm Appraisal

Abm Property Source

Abraham Properties

Abram Rosenberg

Accelerated Growth Properties

Access Homes

Access Real Estate

Access Realty

Accessible Homes

Accu-Tech Home Inspection

Accubanc Mortgage

Ace Inspections

Ace Realty

Achille Arcidiacono

Acn Real Estate Services

Adkins Real Estate Services

Adobe Realty Corporation

Advance Realty

Advanced Career Training

Advanced Profs. Real Estate

Advantage Appraisal


Advent Waterfront Properties

Affordable Properties

Affordable Realty & Appraisals

Aguilar Realty

Ai Texas Realty

Aim Realty

Ainsworth & Associates, Inc.

Al Lum Properties, Inc.

Alamo Realty

Alamo Title

Alamo Title Company

Alamp Title Company

Alan H. White

Albert F. Ott

Alco Properties & Investments

Alco Realty

Alex Tyson Properties

Alexander Fine Properties

Alexander Hunter Properties

Alita Gail Properties

All Home Inspector

All Nations Realty

All Of Houston Realty Services

All Real Estate

All Star A1 Inspections, Inc.

All Star Inspections

Allbright & Associates

Alldredge & Associates

Allen Brothers, Realtors

Alliance Residential Mgmt.

Alliance Residential Propertie

Allied Brokers Appraisal Serv.

Allied National Properties

Allied Residential Management

Allison/Garner Company

Allisonspear.Com, Realtors

Alltex Realty Services

Almost Home Properties

Alonzo Gonzalez Realty


Alph Coleman

Alpha Lending Professionals

Alpha, Realtors

Am Inspections

Amana Realty

Amax Properties, Inc.

Amb Real Estate Services

Ambrose Appraisal Company


America Investment Group

America's Home Inspectors

America's Hometown Realty, Inc

America's Residential Realty

American Business Center

American Champions Realty

American Homes & Properties

American Mortgage

American Spectrum Real Estate

American Title Company

American Ventures

Americana Realty Services

Americas Realty

Americus Realty

Amerisource Realty

Amerisource Realty LLC

Ameristar, Realtors

Amp Property Services

Anchor Commercial Real Estate

Andrew & Company, Realtors

Andrew Mccain, Realtors

Andy Obot Sr & Assoc, Realtors

Andy Yoder

Angel Properties

Anita M. Doyle Properties

Ann C. Omo

Ann Dashiell Properties

Ann Howell, Realtor

Ann Roberts

Ann Schmidt

Ann-Yen Nguyen

Annam Realty

Annie Chen Dba. Lyn Realty

Anrd Enterprises

Anro Exterminating Co

Apart Mate

Apartment Access Locators, Inc

Apartment Action & Homes Sales

Apartment Directions

Apartment Expert Locators

Apartment Living Locators

Apex Appraisals, Inc.

Appraisal Consultants

Appraisal Resources

Appraisal Valuations, Inc.

Ar Realty

Archibald & Associates

Archway Properties

Aristi Real Estate

Armas Realty

Aron Realty Corporation

Arp, Assad, Bobbitt, Griffin

Arpac Appraisal Co.

Arthouse, Inc.

Arthur C. Reed

Arthur E. Zuehlke, Broker

Artisan Realty Co.

Arturo Singer

Asap Properties

Ascent Development

Ashford Asset Valuations

Ashton Woods Homes

Asia Gp Llc

Asset Plus Corporation

Assist-2-Sell Buyers & Sellers

Astro Real Estate

Atkinson Properties, Inc.

Atlantic Realty

Atlas Realty

Atlas Residential

Attorney At Law

Audrey L. Peterson

Augusta Group, Inc.


Avalon Homes

Avalon Realty

Aw Realty, Inc.

Axa Advisors

Axial Realty

Ayers & Ayers

B & G Realty

B E Henson & Associates

B.Anderson Abercrombie,realtor


B.O.C. Ventures, Realtors

Ba Properties

Bab Realty & Associates

Bacon Jones Realty

Baker Hughes, Inc.

Baker Properties

Ball & Associates

Bank Of America

Bank Of Texas Mortgage Group

Bank One Home Lending

Bank Source Mortgage

Barbara Carlson, Realtor

Barbara Kallus & Associates

Barbara Rauch Properties

Barbara Ryan

Barkley Properties

Barnett Realty Company

Barnhart Interests, Inc.

Barr & Associates Inc.

Barry Bradley & Co

Bates Associates Real Estate

Bauder Real Estate

Bauknight Realty

Baxter Real Properties

Bay Area Board Of Realtors, In

Bayou City Homes

Bayou City Real Estate, Inc.

Bayou Properties Management

Bd Realty Advisors, L.L.C.

Beacon Group

Bear Creek Realty

Beazer Homes

Bee Hive Realty

Beeler-Sanders Properties, Inc

Behnam Realty

Bejjani & Associates

Belinda R Wolfe

Beltway Realty, Inc.

Ben M. Dyer Interests

Ben W. Hibbler, Realtor

Ben's Realty Company

Benchmark Fine Properties

Benchmark Realty

Bennie J. Larks

Berkshire Realty Holdings

Bernard Newman

Bernard William Giesen Ii

Bernstein Realty, Inc.

Bescov Realty

Best Choice Realty

Best Home Warranty

Best Home Warranty Co.

Best Realty

Best Realty Investment

Beth Vanwinkle

Beth Wolff, Realtors

Betsy Scofield & Associates

Better Living Properties

Better Residential Home

Betty James, Realtor

Betty Lindsay Properties

Betty Thorp & Associates -

Beverly M. Simms

Beverly P. Parrish

Bez It's Realty

Bgk Texas Management, Inc.

Bgk Texas Property Management

Bice & Associates

Big M Constructors, Inc

Big State Home Services

Bill Briggs Realty

Bill Jackson & Associates

Billie Porter, Realtor

Billings Realty & Mortgage

Bjm, Realtors

Black Diamond Properties

Blackwell Interests

Blackwell Properties

Blair Cherry Real Estate

Blake Hillegeist Real Estate

Blakeman Properties

Blanton Properties

Block Real Estate

Bluebonnet Realty


Bms Management

Bms Management, Inc.

Bnc Mortgage, Inc.

Bob Earp & Associates

Bob Earp & Associates

Bob Holmes Res. & Comm. Brok.

Bob Leonhardt Realty

Bob Lewis & Associates

Bob W. Roberts

Bobbie Allen Properties

Boltex Realty

Boucher-Fulbright, Realtors

Boyd Page

Brad Marnitz

Brad Rhoton - Investor

Bradley Apartment Homes

Braeswood Realty

Branstrom Interests

Braselton Real Estate

Bravo Realty, Llc.

Brazos Bend Real Estate

Brenda Austin, Realtor

Brenda Ho

Brett A. Nichols, Realtor

Brian Rhames Insurance

Brick Restoration, Inc.

Brickland Realty

Brighton Homes

Bristol Properties

Brock And Foster

Broker Agent Magazine

Broker Associates

Broker One Real Estate

Brokers Exchange, Realtors

Brooks Ballard

Brooks-Warren Investments

Broussard Real Estate Group

Broussard's Real Estate Invest

Brown, Berry & Co.

Brown, Brown & Reynolds, P.C.

Brown, Butera & Mac Dougall

Brubaker & Associates, Inc.

Bruce Binkley & Associates

Bruce Marcom Real Estate

Bryant Jensen

Bullitt-Hutchins, Inc

Burki Realty Group

Burrage Realty

Butler Burgher, Llc

Buyer Agents Realty

Buyer's Club Realty

Buyer's Edge, Inc.

Bvm Real Estate International

Bvt Enterprises

Byrd's Eye View

Byron Capito

Byron King Properties

Bysmith Management Corp.

C & H Realtors

C & H, Realtors

C & W Appraisal

C A Bascue

C B Richard Ellis

C G Millennium Reatly

C H Mortgage

C R F Realty Services

C. Bradley Simth

C. H. Mortgage

C. Terry Ross

C.L. Wittliff Properties

C21 Premier Gold Properties

Cable Lock Safeguard

Cable Lock Safeguard, Ltd.

Cablelock Safeguard

Cade Properties

Calato Properties

Caldwell Watson

Caldwell Watson Real Est Group

Caldwell Watson Real Estate

Camdan Property Trust

Cameron & Tate Properties

Cameron Properties

Camino Realty

Canoi Enterprise

Canoi, Realtor

Capital Intermediaries Intl.

Capital Management Company

Capital Real Estate

Careways Realty & Mgmt. Co.

Carl O. Voisin

Carl Raia Realty

Carl Smith, Realtors

Carlene Baker Langford, Inc.

Carlene Langford Company

Carlos Garcia Realty

Carol Batie, Inc.

Carol Smith & Associates

Carol Van Dorfy, Broker

Carousel Realty Services, Inc

Carr Properties

Carrier Properties

Carroll And Carroll Properties

Carson Realty & Leasing

Casa Blanca Realty

Casablanca Properties

Casalinda Realty

Casey-Pope Properties

Casinco Properties

Castleberry Realty

Catechis & Associates

Catherine Still Real Estate

Cathy Chang, Realtor

Cb Commercial Services Group

Cb Richard Ellis

Cb Richard Ellis, Inc.

Cci Realty

Cece Realty

Cej Properties

Celia Barton, Realtors

Centex Homes

Centra Asset Partners Llc

Centra Realty

Central Management, Inc.

Centralized Showing

Century 21 - The Morton Group

Century 21 Ballard

Century 21 Cy-Fair

Century 21 Daniel & Associates

Century 21 Excel Realty

Century 21 Executive

Century 21 Garlington & Assoc.

Century 21 Gold Country

Century 21 Gulfgate Realty

Century 21 H.M. Realty

Century 21 Hernandez Realty

Century 21 Janac & Assoc.

Century 21 La Palma

Century 21 Presidential R. E.

Century 21 Realty Solution

Century 21 Realty Solution, Ii

Century 21 Ross Group

Century 21 Southbelt

Century 21 Southwest

Century 21 The Morton Group

Century 21-Realty Solution

Century Property Consultants

Ceo Inspections

Certified Business Brokers

Ch Mortgage

Chadwick Sullivan/Prof. Home

Champion Citywide Locators

Champion Realty

Champions Engineering &

Champions Real Estate Group

Champions School Of Real

Championship Properties

Chancellor Real Estate

Chapman Realty

Charlene Cain Realty

Charlene Geiss

Charles C. Galati

Charles M. Mitschke Contractor

Charles Nelson Realty Services

Charles R. Martin Associates

Charles Wood - Real Estate Bro

Charlie Realty, Inc.

Charlotte Bonica Properties

Charlotte Pratka

Charlotte White

Chart Real Estate Company

Charter Equity, Inc.

Charter Title Company

Chase Bank Of Texas

Chase Home Finance

Chase Manhattan Mortgage

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp.

Chateau Realtors

Chavez & Assoc. Realtors

Chavez & Associates

Cheryl Y. Armitige Company

Chesnutt Real Estate Llc

Chicago Title

Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Christie Realty

Christina G. Beard

Christine Hill-Steele

Christopher Schirmer Realtor

Christy & Associates, Inc.

Chuck Poteet Properties

Church Pest Control

Cima Realty

Cindee Travis Klement

Cindy Raimond Properties

Cindy Wingo Realtor, Inc.

Citihomes Realty

Citiwide Realty

City Real Estate Of Houston

Citywide Appraisal Group, Llc

Clardy And Company

Clark Warthen Realty

Clark, Mcdowell & Kic, Inc.

Classic Properties

Claude Wynn Intrests, Llc.

Clayton Erikson, Realtor

Claz Brokerage Services

Clc Property Management Co.

Clear Brook, Realtors

Clopton Realty

Closinghouse.Com, Inc.

Cma Realty Group

Cmj Mortgage

Cnc Investments, Inc.

Co/Max Holding & Realty Co.

Coastal Bend Property Developm

Coastal Properties

Cody Greenwood Properties

Cojalean Realty Services

Coldwell Banker Commercial

Coldwell Banker Madeline

Coldwell Banker Penningtonchen

Coldwell Banker Swilley-Hudson

Coldwell Banker United

Coldwell Banker United Realtors

Coldwell Banker, United Realtors

Coldwell Banker-Richard Smith

Coleman & Company, Realtors

Colin Fox & Associates Llc

Colliers Appelt Womack, Inc.

Colliers International

Collins - Thompson Realty

Colorado Realty, Inc.

Columbia Real Estate

Columbia Trust Realty

Comet Properties

Commerce Realty Of Texas

Commerce Title Company

Commercial Leasing & Realty

Commercial Real Estate Of Tx

Commonwealth Land Title

Community Home Loan,llc

Complete Realty Service

Compton Realty

Compufund Mortgage Company

Comreal Properties Inc.


Concierge & Lodging Int'l, Llc

Condo Source, Llc

Conine & Robinson

Connection Network Realty

Connie Hamilton-Broker

Conrad Walton, Realtor

Conroy Realty Co.

Contemporary Real Estate Group

Convenient Living, Realtors

Cooper Industries, Inc.

Cooper Realty, Inc.

Copperwood Management Co.

Corinthian Realty

Cornerstone Realty

Corporate Living Relocation

Cosmopolitan Realty

Cotton & Co.

Cottonwood Management Services

Country Estate Properties

Country Realty

Countrywide Home Loans

Countrywide Properties, Inc.

Countrywide Realty

Covey Nash Realty

Cpm Realty

Crawford Realty Advisors, Inc.

Crc Real Estate Services

Creative Property Investments

Crehan Company

Crescent Real Estate

Crescent Real Estate Equities

Crimson Corp.

Criswell & Associates

Criterium-Farrell Engineers

Crossroads Properties

Crossroads Realty

Crow & Associates

Crown Properties

Crown Texas Realty

Crt Properties

Ctx Mortgage Company

Cummins & Co., Real Estate Ins

Curtis & Ewing

Curtis Shannon

Cushman & Wakefield Of Texas

Custom Corporates, Inc.

Customized Real Estate Service

Cyndal L Porter

Cynthia Hill Properties

Cynthia M. Malloy

D. K. Appraisal

D. K. Dennehy Properties

D. Real Estate

D.L.R. Properties

D.R. Associates

Daisy Wong

Dakon Realty

Daniel Perez & Associates

Danny M. Lang And Associates

Darby Suiter

Darius Keith Mcneil

Darrell Mayfield, Realtor

Daryl Flood Warehouse & Movers

Data Management & Realty

David A. Frasier Co.

David A. Hoffman Realty

David B. Turkel

David Brooks & Associates, Inc

David Brown Realty

David Elliott, Realtor

David Hulsey, Realtors

David Lebow Properties

David Porter Darnell, Realtor

David Rose Realty

Davidson And Associates

Dawn Lin & Associates

Dawn Shumway & Associates

Dawson & Chao R.E., Llc

Dawson Real Estate, Inc.

Daybreak Properties

De Geurin Realty, Inc.

De Moya & Company

Debco Properties

Deboben Properties

Deborah Jean Burkhart

Dee Hudgins Realtors

Dee J Shadowens

Deloitte & Touche, Llc

Delstar Realty

Delta Realty Company

Demontrond Properties

Dennis A. Mcqueen, Realtor

Dennis L. Frost, Sr.

Derose Companies

Destination Real Estate

Devine Lending, Llc

Di-Tone Inspection Services

Diana & Associates

Diana Balderas Realty

Diane Moser Properties

Diane Perry

Dianne Caponi, Realtor

Dibek Enterprises

Dick Critelli Real Estate

Dimensions Realty

Diocese Of Galveston - Houston

Discovered Homes

Dishberger Realty

Distinctive Properties

Divercity Flooring

Diverse Ventures

Dixon Investments

Dixson Realty Services

Dolores Vera Properties

Dominion Resources, Inc.

Don Barnett & Co.

Don E. Swoyer, Realtor

Don Gemmer Realty

Donahue, Realtors

Donald E Johnson

Donald E. Hand, Jr.

Donald P. Duplantis

Donnie Davis, Realtors

Donovan Properties

Dorey Real Estate

Doris Ann Condara

Doris Raymond, Inc., Realtor

Dorothy Howell Carroll

Dorothy Marlin, Realtor

Dott Company, Realtors

Doug Brown Properties

Douglas Management Company

Douglas Wilson

Doyle Properties

Duane E. Morris

Duffy & Laroe, Realtors

Duke Realty

Dull & Company

Dunninghill Properties

Dw Lingo Company

Dwyer Williams

Dynamic Investment Group

Dynasty Properties

E & J Company

E F G Interests

E. Ashley Smith

E. Harry Levesque

E.R.H. Beltway

Eagle Properties

Eagle Realty

Eagle, Realtors

Earl Barnett

Earthman Properties

East West Appraisal Services

Ecityproperties, Llc

Edhb Realty

Edmonds & Company

Edmun J. Best, Jr., Realtor

Edna Earle Mattei, Realtor

Edro Real Estate

Edward Podoba Realty

Ehaynes Realty,llc

Eileen Subinsky

Ejl Properties

Elbar Investments, Inc.

Elite Properties

Elite Realty of Texas

Elizabeth M. Chambers

Ellen Heller, Realtors

Eller Real Estate, Inc.

Ellis Antone & Company

Ellsworth Realty

Embassy Realty

Emily Guillen

Eminent Properties

Emissary Group

Emm Iii Commercial Properties

Empire Realty

Encore Realty

English Realty

Enron Broadband Services

Enterprise Properties

Enterprise Realty

Epic Realty Company

Ept Management Company

Equis Corporation

Equity Office

Equity Office Properties, Llc

Equity Venture Group Company

Era Stephens Properties

Era-Bogany Properties

Era-Stephens Properties


Est Realty

Esther Neale Properties

Ethelyn B. Kuldell

Eunice Reass & Associates

Europa Houston Management

Evan S. Howell, Inc.

Evans Properties

Evelyn Woods Real Estate

Evergreen Real Estate & Inv.

Evermore Investments &

Everyones Realtor

Excel Mortgage Corp.

Excel Real Estate Services

Exclusive Listings

Executive General Realty

Executive Property Management

Executive Real Estate Services

Executive Rentals

Expertise Building Inspections

Exxcell Properties

Exxon Chemical Company

Exxon Mobil Global Services

Exxon Mobile Global Services

Exxon Mobile Gobal Service Co.

Exxonmobil Corporation

F & A Properties

F & K Realty

Fac's Realty

Fadrique & Co.

Fairchild & Company Inc.

Fairchild Real Estate Services

Faith Realty

Falcon Real Estate Services

Falcon Realty

Famous Town Realty

Fannie Higgins & Associates

Farris & Associates

Fast Homes

Faulkner Real Estate

Faz Realty & Associates

Federated Realty Group

Feld Realty Group, Inc.

Fenceroy Realty

Fer-Mor Realty Group

Fidelity Inspection Services

Fidelity National Title

Fidelity National Title - Hous

Fields & Company, Realtors

Fiesta, Realtors

Fifth Ward Community Redevelop

Final Home Inspections

Findit Realty


Fine Homes & Estates Realty

Finer Homes Realty

Finger Companies

First Acceptance Realty, Llc

First American Bank

First American Fin & Realty

First American Title Company

First American Title Insurance

First Avenue Realty

First Choice Management

First Class Realty

First Coastal

First Coastal Mortgage

First Elite Investment

First Horizon Home Loans

First Houston Appraisal

First Houston Properties, Inc.

First Houston Realty

First Interstate

First Properties

First Universal Realty

First Usa Realty

First World Realty

Fisher And Associates

Fitzgerald Properties

Flagship Properties

Flex Capital Group

Floyd Investments

Foor Realty

Foresight Commerical Property

Foresight Engineering

Forest Associates, Realtors

Forner & Associates

Forrest Homes

Fortune Investment Properties

Foundation Specialists, Inc.

Four Seasons Hotel

Fox & Bubela, Inc.

Fox Inspection Group

Fox Realty

Fox Realty Group, Inc.

Foy Taylor

Fran Crnek Properties

Frank Dyer

Frank E. Rollow

Frank E. Zumwalt, Jr.

Frank J. Cutaia

Frank J. Lucco & Associates

Fred Miller, Jr., Realtor

Friedman Investments

Full Service Realty & Finance

Fuller Realty Partners, Llc

Funding Incorporated Ii

Furman Real Estate Management

Fxt Realty Partners, Inc

G & G Realty

G & W Realty

G S G Builder, Inc.

G. K. Coleman & Son Realty

G. N. Wyche Realty Co.

G. W. Ashmore Properties

Gail Appleby

Gail Lynch Appraisal Services

Galo Realty

Garett Longwell, Realtor

Gary B. Tucker

Gary Brown & Associates, Inc.

Gary North Appraisal Services

Gary S. Bailey

Gatehouse Properties

Gateway Homes

Gateway Realty

Gayle Robertson & Assocs.,inc.

General Housing Realty

General Realty

Genesis Realty & Management

George Copeland & Associates

George F. Bellows, Realtor

George Kawaja

George Murray & Company

George Polydoros Co., Inc.

George Realty Company, Inc.

George Schanz, Jr.

George Silaski

George T. Baylor

George Taft Realty

George Wagner, Realtor

Gerald Teel Company

Geraldine Pace, Broker

Gere A. Tharpe & Associates

Gfs Properties

Giffin Realty Corp.

Gillette Realty, Inc.

Gillis Properties

Gjw Management, Inc.

Glauser Properties

Glen A. Johnson

Glen Graham & Associates

Glen Treat Properties

Global Advantage Real Estate

Global Lending Partners, Inc.

Global Realty

Gloria Nichols Properties

Gloria Veedell Properties

Gmac Mortgage

Gmac Mortgage Corp.

Gold Medallion Realty

Gold Point Corporation

Gold Quest Realty

Golden Appraisals

Golden Houston Real Estate

Golden Properties

Goldquest Realty, Ltd. Co.

Goldstar Properties

Goodarzi Realty

Goodland & Associates

Gordon Bynum

Goss Realty Company

Goverment Homes Of Texas

Grace Enterprise Real Estate

Granite Properties

Granite Properties, Inc.

Great Southwest Auctions

Greater Houston Inspectors

Greater Houston Realty Group

Greater Hst Home Buyer's Guide

Greatland Realty

Green Green Grass Of Home Rlty

Greenberg & Company

Greenbriar Management Co.

Greenhouse Realty

Greenspan Assoc.

Greenwood King Properties

Greg Henry Properties

Gregg M Raymond

Gregory S. Burke

Gregory S. Parten

Greystar Dvlp. And Constr.

Greystar Management Service Lp

Greystone Asset Management

Greystone Management Services

Groves Funding Corporation

Grubb & Ellis Co.

Guerin & Associates Realtors

Guill-Mart & Asssociates

Gulf Area Realty

Gulf Coast Realty Services, In

Gulf Coast Relocating Services

Gulf South Investment

Gulfland Real Estate Company

Guy B. Harell

Guy Real Estate Services

H P Realty

H. B. Anderson & Sons, Llc

H. Holmes, Inc.

H. Lisa Brandenburg

H.J. Tollett, Jr.

Haas & Associates

Haginas & Chapman

Hahnfeld Witmer Davis, Inc.

Hale Realty, Inc.

Haley Martin Associates

Hallmark Properties, Inc.

Hallonquist Real Estate

Hamilton's Properties

Hammonds Homes

Hancock Realty Corp.

Hank Gavens Properties

Hankins & Association

Hanna Realty

Hanover Gp Llc

Hanover Gp, Inc.

Hans-Christian Realty & Assoc.

Happy Homes Realty

Harberg & Huvard, L.L.P.

Harding Real Estate Investment

Harei, Inc.

Harvest Real Estate

Harvey Interests, Inc.

Hasson, Realtors

Havehomes.Com Homes & Loans

Hayden Properties

Hayes Realty Co.

Hca Investment Co.

Heb Grocery Company, L.P.

Hein & Associates Llp

Helen Guillory Real Estate

Helen Perry, Realtor

Helton & Megarity

Hendricks & Associates

Henrik Thomsen Realty

Henry Harrison, Appraiser

Henry S. Miller, Realtors

Heritage Park Properties

Heritage Realty Co.

Heritage Texas Properties

Herman Properties

Herolz 2 Asset Management

Hettig Management Corp.

Hewitt And Company Realtors

Hi-Fidelity Realtors L.L.C.

High Rise Realty

Hila Realty


Hines Inerests, L.P.

Hines Interests

Hines Interests Limited

Hintz Insurance Services

Hit Realty & Investment

Hlf Enterprises

Hms Properties, Inc.

Hodge & Company, Realtors

Holland Real Estate Services

Hollis Properties

Holman Realty

Holmes Interests

Holt Enterprises, Inc.

Home & Investment Group

Home & Land Realty

Home At Last Realty

Home Expectations, Inc.

Home Jewels

Home Key Realty

Home Loan Realty

Home N Mortgage Properties

Home Physical Inspections

Home Point Services

Home Team of America

Home Town Properties

Home Trust Company

Homebuyer's - Team

Homebuyers Market

Homecorp Relocation

Homefront Properties, Llc

Homelink Realty


Homeplanner University

Homepro Realty & Management

Homepro Realty, Inc

Homes Central Real Estate, Inc

Homes Unlimited Realty

Homesource Of Houston

Homestead Inspections

Hometech, Realtors

Hometeq Real Estate

Horizon Real Estate

Horizon Southwest Properties

Hot Properties

Hou-Tex Homes & Apt. Locator

House & Land Company

House Usa

Housequest Realtors

Housesold Realty

Housing Oppurtunities Of Hst.

Houstex Realty

Houston 2000

Houston Appraisal

Houston Area Realty

Houston Assn Of Realtors

Houston Associates

Houston Best Realty, Inc.

Houston Capital Mortgge

Houston Community College

Houston Discount Realty

Houston E-Realtors

Houston Enterprises

Houston Executive Realty

Houston Fortune Realty, Inc.

Houston Hydro Clean

Houston Industrial Brokerage

Houston Investment Properties

Houston Management, Inc

Houston Metro Roofing Company

Houston Metropolitan Propertie

Houston Plus

Houston Pride Realty

Houston Properties Unlimited

Houston Rcw Three, Inc.

Houston Real Estate Group, Inc

Houston Realty Group

Houston Realty Unlimited

Houston Residential Properties

Houston Southwest Realty, Inc.

Houston's Choice Realty

Houstonian Properties

Howard D. Walker, Attorney

Howard J Sims, Inc.

Hudson Bay Roofing

Hudson Properties

Huffstetler& Company

Hugh Ashley Girard

Hunter - Houston Properties

Hunter Lynton

Hunter Real Estate Group

Huock Realty Company

Hurrington Realty Company

I.P.M. Inc.

Ics Management Corp.

Ideal Realty

Ikon Office Solutions

Impact Realty

Imperial Properties

Imperial Real Estate

Incso Realty Group

Indira Medi Realty


Ingram & Associates

Inner Loop Realty

Innova Realty, Llc

Ins/Mark Of America, Inc.

Insignia Esg

Insignia/Esg Of Texas Inc.

Insite Realty, Inc.

Inspect All Company

Inspect-It 1st

Inspection Team, Inc.

Inspector Homes

Inspectors Referral Service

Institutional Investments

Intco Dvlp Of Texas, Inc.

Integral Properties, Inc.

Inteq Realty

Intercon Realty, Inc.

Interfin Asset Management, Inc

International Church Realty

International Investment

International Property Market

Internet Property.Com, Inc.

Intertex, Inc.

Investors Diversified, Inc.

Investors Realty

Inwood Realty


Ira L. Nix


Iwayrealty.Com, Inc.

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