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The Real Estate Agent Registry in San Antonio, Texas

Please select Agent name from the list below to see a full list of Real Estate Agents in this city.


1/2 Price Movers, Inc.

11 Calli Realty

21st Mortgage Corporation

24 Hour Realty

4 U Real Estate Services

4m Realty Company

A Buyer's Realty

A L T Realty

A San Antonio Realty & Invest.

A San Antonio Realty + Invest.

A+a Real Estate

A-1 Golden Key

A-Aaakey Mini Storage

A. E. Properties

A. J. Stewart Real Estate

A.B. Light Real Estate

Abba Realty

Abco Real Estate Inspection

Absolute Mortgage Services Inc

Access Realty

Accu-Rite Roofing

Acosta Real Estate Group

Action Real Estate

Adam Properties

Adler Construction And Realty

Adobe Home Insp. Svc, Inc.

Adolfo Lara, Realtor

Adolph A. Ramirez

Adolph E Guzman

Adrian Adair, Realtor

Advanced Appraisal Services

Advanced Marketing

Advantage Investors Mortgage

Advantage Relocation Inc.

Advisors Realty Group, Llc

Affiliated Appraisers

Aggie Termite & Pest Control

Ahrens + Assoc R. E. Service

Ahrens And Pariseau

Al Hawkins Company

Alamo Appraisal Group

Alamo Area Mutual Housing

Alamo Area, Realtors

Alamo Career Transition Center

Alamo City Properties

Alamo City Realty

Alamo Inspection Service, Inc.

Alamo R.E. Brokers

Alamo Real Estate Brokers

Alamo Real Estate Company

Alamo Real Estate Institute

Alamo Title Company

Alan Rosenstein

Albert Guajardo, Iii

Albert Haddad, Realtor

Albert M. Mcneel

Albert Wright

Alex H. Yount

Alex, Realtors/Lecal, Realtors

Alfred Gonzales, Realtors

Alg Properties

Alice G. Morales

Alicia Ruiz Properties

All Star Realty

Allan Properties

Allen Trust Realty

Allstate Real Estate, Inc.

Alltex Home Inspections

Alpha Realty + Investments

Altan Kartaltepe

Amberson And Associates

Amberson Realty

Amberstar Properties

Amen Realty

America Realty

America's Hometenders

American Dream Real Estate

American Home Mortgage

American National Properties

American Network Realty

American Real Estate Services

American Star Company, Realtor

Amerispec Home Inspection Ser.

Amistad Realty

Ampreska Properties

Amy L. Estess

An American Dream Realty

Anchor Home Inspections

Anchor Properties

Anders Enterprises, Inc.

Anders Real Estate Services

Andrews & Andrews

Anthony Byron

Anthony C. Pearson

Apartment And Relocation Ctr.

Apc Mortgage

Apex Inspection Company

Archer Properties

Aree's Realty Company

Armadillo Construction Co, Ltd

Armadillo Homes

Armando R. Flores Gen. Cont.

Arredondo Group

Art Stein + Associates

Arthur Chapa, Realtors

Arthur Nasis

Arvizu + Associates Realty Inc

Asap Home Finders


Associates Northeast, Inc.

Auray-Walker Properties

Aurora Enterprises

Avenue Realty

Axis Realty Advisors

Aykroyd Properties

B.L. Sherry & Associates

Bailey Real Estate

Bank Of America

Bank Of America Mortgage

Barbara Gilkey Real Estate

Barr Properties

Barry Wallach

Barton Company Carpets, The

Barton T. Simpson

Baskin Appraisals & Consulting

Baskin Appraisals And Consult.

Baskin Properties

Bcm First Choice Homes

Belmares Properties, L.L.C.

Ben Lambert Co.

Benchmark Homes

Bennie Brownlee

Bernice Hunter Realty

Best Home Warranty

Best Homes Gmac Real Estate

Best, Realtors

Betco Properties

Bethharmier Properties

Beverly Barshop Company

Beverly Koehn, Broker

Bexar County Appraisal Service

Bexar County R. E. Company

Bexar Inspection Service, Inc.

Bgg Associates, Llc

Bienes Raices Real Estate

Bil-Eve Realty, Inc.

Bill Alyn Realty

Bill Ash Custom Homes

Bill Burnette And Associates

Bill Decamp, Realtor

Billy Bee Realty

Birdy Properties

Bk Properties

Blair Colin Novikoff

Blair T. Stouffer & Associates

Blonkvist, Realtors

Boardwalk Real Property Mgmt.

Bob Billa Real Estate

Bob Jones And Associates, Inc.

Bob Mcginnis, Realtors

Bob Ross Realty

Bob Shultz Realty

Bob Trevino

Bobbie W. Smith, Realtor

Bobby Mealer

Bogar's Realty Services

Bonn E Realty Advisors


Booth-Coward Marketing, L.L.C.

Bosch-Kiser Properties

Brad Hodges And Associates

Bradfield Properties, Realtors

Brambletye, Inc

Brass Ring Properties

Braun Service Company

Brent Massey Real Estate

Brian Brady Company

Brian D. Harris

Brigham Real Estate

Broad Street Mortgage Co.

Broadway Brokers

Broadway National Bank

Broll & Associates Realtors

Browning Operations

Bruce Baumann Real Estate, Inc

Bruce C. Petersen, Ccim

Bruce E. Peterson, Cpm

Brw & Associates, Inc.

Bryan Gray Real Estate

Bryant & Associates

Bud Hughes Realty

Buddy Beverly, Realtor

Buddy Kinder Realty


Bugstop Of San Antonio

Burdick Custom Homes, Inc.

Butler Realty

C & B Pest Control

C & B Realty

C & C Pest Control

C & C Realty - North

C & C Realty - South

C & N Services

C + B Realty

C + C Realty - South

C-21 Abie Epstein, Inc.

C-21 Action Realty

C-21 Burroughs & Associates

C-21 Davalos & Associates

C-21 Folks Realty

C-21 Gene Holliday & Assocs.

C-21 N. Town & Country

C-21 Northside

C-21 Scott Myers

C-21 Smith & Associates

C. & G. Lark, Realtors

C. Dwain Youngblood, Realtors

C. M. Furr Company

C. S. Gonzales And Associates

C.L. Rogers + Associates

Caballero & Associates

Caballero + Associates

Calderon Real Estate

Cambridge Realty Group, Inc.

Camcour Property Company

Cano & Company

Carl A. Nentwich, Inc.

Carl Gregory Huber

Carl Olson, Inc.

Carla Hamon, Broker

Carmay Realty

Carol Newman Real Estate

Caron West

Carpet Supply Company

Carrie Girgus

Carroll And Company R.E.

Caryl Loessberg, Realtor

Casa Linda Properties

Casco Inc

Casino Realty

Castle Real Estate Services

Castle Realty

Castro Realty Company

Catto & Catto

Cavendar Cadillac

Cavender & Hill Properties, In

Cb Mortgage Corporation


Centex Homes

Centralized Showing Service

Century 21 Folks Realty

Century 21 N Town + Country

Century 21 Scott Myers

Century 21 Smith + Associates

Century 21 Smith and Associates

Century 21 United

Century 21 United - A Epstein

Century 21 United - Action

Century 21 United - Burroughs

Century 21 United - Davalos

Century 21 United - Holliday

Century 21 United - Northside

Ch Mortgage

Champion, Realtors

Chandler Properties

Charles Hooper, Broker

Charles Martin Wender R.E.

Charles Ruffo, Realtors

Charles Volz Real Estate

Charley Williams, Rltr/Appr.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp.

Cherie Talbert, Realtor

Cheryl S. Smith

Chesler Advisory Company, Inc.

Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Chris Gray Appraisals

Christel Cordes Realty

Christian Realty San Antonio

Christopher Gill

Cinderella Properties

Circle M International

Circle S Pest Services

City Real Estate

City View Properties

Clarence Kahlig Realty

Classic Realty

Clermont Partners, Inc.

Clois Hogwood Real Estate

Clyde Cox Realty

Cockrell, Realtors

Coit Services

Coldwell Banker Commercial

Coldwell Banker D'ann Harper

Colglazier Properties

Colonial Realty

Columbia Mortgage Realty

Columbus Realty Co.

Comerica Bank

Commerce Title Company

Commercial Investment Services

Commercial Properties Internat

Commercial Properties Inv.

Commercial Realty Corporation

Community Home Loan

Compass Bank

Comprehensive Land Services

Concept Distributors

Condominiums Unlimited

Connell-Barron Realty Inc.

Connelly Commercial R.E.

Continental Homes Of Texas

Cort Furniture Rental

Country Wide Real Estate

Countrywide Home Loans Inc.

County Development, Realtors

County Properties Usa, Inc.

Courtenay J Jones

Cox & Smith Incorporated

Craig Pfeiffer, Crs, Gri

Craig Pfeiffer, Gri

Craig S. Moyer, Ccim

Crawford & Assoc., Real Estate

Criterium-Flynn Engineers

Crofts Country Real Estate


Crown Properties

Crown Realty Inc

Crownover Realty

Crystalvision Realty Group

Ctx Mortgage Company

Curran Commercial Real Estate

Custom Mortgage Co.

Custom Mortgage Inc.

Custom Realty Services

Cynthia J. Wiens

Cynthia Wolfe

Czar Investments

D. B. Harrell Co.

D. Larry Thomas, Realtor

D.O.A. Pest Control

Dale Whitecotton

Dan M. Johnson

Daniel Gully

Daniel Jacob Interests, Inc.

Daron Durham Real Estate Co.

Darryl B. Petitt

Davenport Development, Llc

David Anderson, Realtors

David B. Kemp, R.E. Appraiser

David E. Gray

David H. Meaden

David Massey Insurance Service

David Mcmurphy

David Nisbet Ranch Sales

David Weekley Homes, Inc.

Davidson & Troilo

Davidson Properties

Davis Brokerage

Davis Realty

De Ann Can Realty, Inc.

Dean Property Company

Deborah Myers Real Estate

Delaney Realty, Inc.

Dell Real Estate

Delph Inspection Services

Diamond Real Estate Services

Diana Acevedo, Realtors

Dick Gilby Realty

Dominion Advisory Group

Don Conkright Real Estate

Don Johnson Appraisal Services

Don Wallace

Donald King Ryckman & Assoc.

Donald W. Reneau

Dorothy Chamberlain Company

Doshos, Inc.

Dow C. Cobb Engrg. Inspection

Downtown Real Estate Co.

Drhe Property, Inc

Drought Properties, Inc.

Drought, Drought & Bobbitt, L.

Dugger,canaday,grafe & Woelfel

Dunn & Patton Investments

Dw & Associates

E. D. Hodge, Iii, Broker

E.R.A. -Troy, Realtors

Eagle Commercial Realty Servic

Eagle Realty

Earl Post, Inc.

East Central Home/Land Finders

East Central, Realtors

Eastman & Company

Eckmann, Groll, Runyan &waters

Ed Barrett, Realtors

Ed Gray & Associates

Ed Jordan - Home Inspections

Edward B. Partridge, Broker

Eileen M. Kondoff, Cpm

Elaine Ludwig Real Estate Comp

Elbert Ruiz

Elite Group, Realtors

Elite-Spiderman Pest Control

Elizabeth S. Fritz & Co.

Elize Pruske

Elk Properties L.L.C.

Emerald Realty, Lc

Emery Stautzenberger R.E.

Emmitte R. Riser

Encino Real Estate Services

Energy Homes Limited

Equus Home Inspection

Eric Brown

Ernest Soble Commercial Prop.

Esparza Pest Control

Estevez Monroe, Realtors, L.C.

Eva P. Trevino, Realtor

Evans & Associates

Evolution Real Estate

Excel Realty, Inc.

Exchange Property Specialists

Executive Properties

Executive Real Estate, Inc.

Express-News Corporation

F. M. Drane Appraisals

Fairway Homes

Family Concepts Real Estate

Family Real Estate

Farrar Realty

Farris Appraising And Real Est

Fdh Asset Management, Inc.

Fgr Appraisal Services

Fidelity National Title

Fidelity Partners L.L.C.

Fidelity Realty

Fil-Am Realty

Fine Homes Of San Antonio

Finney's Country Realty

First American Home Buyers

First American Home Warranty

First American Title Ins. Co.

First Choice Inspections

First City Floors

First City Floors, Inc

First City, Realtors

Fisher Realty

Fitzgerald Appraisals

Five Star Realty

Flagstar Bank

Floor Country

Floor Covering Specialists

Ford Realty Counselors And App

Fortuna Associates

Frances Altgelt Realty

Frank Bayless

Frank Edward Timmerman

Fred Lesieur, Realtor

Freedom Real Estate

Fremont Realty Corporation

Front Door Properties

Fsc Real Estate Group

Fulmer Realty

Furr C. M. Company

Future Leadership Council

G & W Contract Carpeting, Inc.

G Force Real Estate Services

G P Properties + Investments

G&w Contract Carpeting, Inc.

G. C. Gaskell Real Estate Inv.

G.R.A.C.E. Realty, Inc.

Galm Real Estate Services

Galm Real Estate, Llc

Garrett D. Bourne, Realtor

Gary Harvey Baker

Gene Bartosh

Gene Rahmberg Realty

General Mortgage Corporation

Genie Residential Real Estate

Georg Seidel, Appraiser

George Gitcho Res. Home Inspec

George J. Zeke Kennedy

George R. Harrison, Ph. D

George W. Byers, Real Estate

George Wildasin, Realtor

Gerald B. Calhoun & Associates

Gerald Donohue

Gerald Lee Mumme, Broker

Gerda Jacobs, Realtor

Gholson Realty

Gic Properties

Glenn + Associates

Glenwood Realty

Gma Real Estate Services

Gmac Mortgage

Gold Key Realty

Gorman Ranch Realty

Government Homes Of S.A.

Grady Hoermann R.E. Appraisals

Gray Stone Mortgage Company

Great America Companies

Great Metro Realty

Greater S.A. Homebuilders Asso

Gregg Gandy - State Farm Insur

Gregory M. Lyssy

Grieshaber & Roberts

Grubbs + Combs Properties

Guaranty Residential Lending

Gunn Acura

Guy Chipman Co., Property Mgmt

Guy Chipman Co., Realtors

H. E. Bud Clark

H. L. Rymal

H.M. Palm

Half Priced Real Estate, Inc.

Hall Realty Company

Hallada Properties

Hamp Badger Properties

Hanson Investments

Hardie And Associates, Realtor

Hardy Development Company

Harmon Homes Magazine

Harry A. Hixon, Commercial R.E

Hart Mccormick, Jr., Realtor

Hartman Realty

Hawk Realty

Hawkins Real Estate &appraisal

Hb Roxton Properties, Inc.

Heartland Real Estate

Help-U-Sell Of San Antonio

Henderson Real Estate Company

Hendricks Appraisal Services

Hendricks Property Services

Hendrix + Associates

Hendry Inv., Builder-Developer

Hennessey & Associates, Inc.

Henry B. Dirks, Iii

Henry L. Warren & Associates

Henry S. Miller Commercial -Sa

Herbert Dayson, Broker

Heritage Group, Realtors

Herrero Inmobiliare

Herrington Properties, Ltd.

High Performance Assoc., Inc.

High Point Realty

Hill/Fas, Appraisals

Hillcoat Properties

Hilton & Associates Realty

Hiram Homes Real Estate

Hmi Real Estate

Holland Properties

Hollerbach & Associates

Home Front Inspections

Home Loan Corporation

Home Options Real Estate

Home Owners For Better Buildin

Home Team Inspection Service

Home Team of America

Homebuyers Real Estate

Homeowners Concept

Homeplace, Realtors


Homestar Mortgage Services

Homestead Realty

Homeworld Realty, Inc.

Horacio Fernandez

House Master Of Greater S.A.

Howard L. Richards

Hudler Interests

Hvs Realty

I. G. Hodges, Iii & Assoc.


Inkee Kim

Intco Development Of Texas

Integrated Realty Group

International Realty Plus

Investment Group, S.A.

Investment Realty Company,l.C.

Irene P Villarreal Real Estate

Ivy Oaks Properties

J. D. Schroeder & Associates

J. I. Brown & Associates

J. Michael Belz

J. W. Finnegan, Jr., Broker

J.M. Properties

Jack Biegger, Realtors

Jaime G. Realty Co.

James W Ponton, Mai

James W. Peyton

Jane Medellin Real Estate

Jauer & Associates

Jba Appraisal Services

Jeanie Swain

Jeanne D. Wheeler

Jeff Wentworth Real Estate

Jeffery Bailey

Jeffery Reed Home Inspections

Jeffrey Porter Real Estate

Jeffrey Prescott

Jenkens & Gilehrist

Jensen & Company

Jerome Steuart

Jerry Adams, Realtors

Jerry Tubbs, Realtor

Jesse C. Pilkinton, Jr.

Jesse R. Adams

Jewell Realty

Jim Daniell

Jim Perry Real Estate

Jimmy Rodriguez & Associates

Jimmy Thrush

Jm Properties

Joan Johnson Chapin

Joe M. Flores, Realtors

Joe M. Kboudi, Realtor

Joe Maher Realty

Joe Naylor

John Anthis, Cpm

John E. Burke

John F. Cope

John F. Mancini

John Mcfadden Real Estate

John Post

John R. Gimblet Appraiser

John Ricke Barnett

Joseph D. Calvert

Joseph M. Carroll

Joseph N. Woller, Mai, Rm

Joyce Burdin Real Estate

Joyce C. Klein, Realtors

Jr's Plumbing

Jsjr, Inc.

Judith E. Bomer

Judy A. Oakley

Judy Logue

Judy Rohm & Associates

Jung Properties

Karen Waring

Kathleen M. Boone

Kaufman And Broad Mortgage Co.

Kay Brown & Assoc., Realtors

Kay Paletta, Realtor

Kb Home

Kcn Company, Realtors

Keach Realty Services, Inc.

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty-Heritage

Kellogg Realty Services


Ken Batchelor Cadillac

Kenneth L. Espensen, Jr.

Kenneth T. Adams, Cpm

Kerry L. Anderson

Kilmer And Company


King Inspections

King William Realty

King, Realtors

Kingsland Properties


Kinzie Real Estate Consultants

Kiser Realty

Ks Property Management

Kuper Realty At The Dominion

Kuper Realty Corporation

Kuper Realty North Central

Kuper Realty Stone Oak

Kuyrkendall & Co., Realtors

Kz Management

L F G Properties

L T L Realty

La Mansion Homes

Lackland Properties

Laird Realty, Inc.

Lance F. Elliott

Land Stabilizers

Landamerica Lawyers Title

Landmark Realty

Lanett & Friends, Realtors

Lark, Realtors

Larkin, E. C.

Larry Lloyd

Larry Oliver Real Estate

Larry Pena Properties

Larry Roberts Realty

Laurel Jensen, Cpm

Lauren R. Barnebey Realty

Lawlor Realty

Lawrence Henri Key

Lawyer's Realty, Inc.

Lee Price Realty

Legacy Group Keller Williams

Legend Realty

Lehman Real Estate

Lepage Properties

Liberty Management, Inc.

Liberty Realty

Lifestyle Mortgage Inc.

Lifestyle Properties

Light House Realty

Lillian C. Putman

Linda Harper, Cpm

Linda M. Gross

Linda Properties

Linda Properties, Inc.

Lisa Villarreal

Lisa Worth

Listing & Mktng. Assoc.

Listing And Mktng. Assoc.

Loma Vista Properties

Lone Star Properties

Lone Star Realty

Lone Star Realty Invest., Inc.

Longhorn Asset Management Co.

Longhorn Home Inspections

Loredo, Realtors

Losey And Associates

Lou Bond, L.L.C.

Louis Flores, Realtor

Lydia Reichel

M Group, Realtors

Mac Real Estate Services

Macouzet Real Estate

Mafia Pest Control, Inc.

Magi Realty, Inc.

Magnolia Properties

Main Street Properties

Majestic Appraisal Service

Mancill Realty

Mann Custom Homes, Inc.

Mann Marketing Llc

Manuel's Appliance Service

Maravillas Realty, Inc.

Marcy Harper Company

Margaret Reaves, Realtor

Margie Morcher Real Estate

Maria Eugenia Mendez

Marilyn Becher Realty

Market Place Realty Of Texas

Marketing To Go

Martyn Coulter Glen

Mary K. Diaz

Mary Weed, Real Estate

Mason Realty

Matt Reese Real Estate Service

Matthews And Branscomb, P.C.

Maurine Alexander Real Estate

Maxima Exposure

Mayme Burkhalter, Realtor

Mays Realty

Mc Neel, Weissler & Asso.,inc.

Mcafee Mortgage And Investment

Mcbride And Company, Llc

Mccormick Realty

Mcculloch Ranch And Land Co.

Mce Properties

Mciver Properties

Mcmahon Properties

Mcnicholas, Inc., Realtors

Mecatech Appraisers

Med Realty And Investments Mri

Mel Davis

Melton E. Trachta

Merit Inspection Service

Metis Real Estate Services

Metro First Mortgage

Metzger Properties

Micah Dufner, Realtors

Michael Alcala-Appraisal Serv.

Michael C. Weaver

Michael Holub Custom Homes

Michael L. Edwards, Realtor

Michael L. Mcreynolds

Michael Nufer

Michael R. Phillips & Assoc.

Micklitz Realty

Midas Realty

Mike Gately

Mike Hollaway Enterprises, Inc

Milestone Mortgage

Millennia Realty

Million Dollar Realty

Milne Properties

Milt Pinkston Real Estate

Mission Realty

Mission Title Company

Mona Mcmunn Lowe

Monaco Homes

Monte Vista Realty

Morgan Alsobrooks, Realtor

Morningstar Realty

Morris Realty

Morton W. Baird, Ii, Attorney

Mosis P. Dirk

Moursund Realty


Mr. Real Estate

Msb Appraisals

Murillo & Associates

Myriad Properties

Nancy Johnson Realty

Nancy Preis Russell

National Assn.Master Appraiser

National Tenant Network

National Terri Schultz & Assoc

Nationwide Real Estate Company

Nationwide Referral Co., Inc.

Nbc Development Corp.

Neal & Associates

Neely & Associates

Nehemiah Program

Neighborhood Marketing, Ltd.

Network Group

Network Nw Real Estate

New Concepts Realty

New Dimensions In R.E.

New Generation Investments

New Home Realty

New Home Solutions

Newberry Real Estate

Niblock Company, Inc., Realtor

Nieves Gonzalez, Appraisers

Noble & Associates, Inc.

Noble + Hicks Properties, Llc

Norman & Assoc.

North Loop, Inc., Realtors

North San Antonio Realty

North Star Properties

Northeast Realty

Northstar Realty Services

Northwest Real Estate

Northwestern Mutual Financial

Nu Way Pest Control

O'rourke Properties

Obra Homes

Ogre Management, Llc

Old Republic Home Protection

Old Republic Home Protection C

Olson Properties, Inc

One Stop Home Maintenance Serv

Onesource Unlimited, Inc

Operational Techologies Corp.

Orion Partners, Inc.

Orion, Inc., Realtors

Orlando De Hoyos, Jr.

Ortiz Real Estate & Tax Servic

Our Home Advantage

Owens Real Estate

Own A Piece Of Texas

P R A Inc

P.M.C. Group, Inc.

Paoletta & Associates, Inc.

Paradigm Realty

Paramount Realty

Park Properties

Parnes Realty

Partners Realty

Passano Relocation

Pat Clay, Realtors

Pat Ferris

Pat Patton Realty

Patricia Oden

Patrick D. Coleman R.E. Apprsr

Patrick O. Ingram, Appraisals

Paul G. Fagan

Paul Mcsween

Paul Smith Appraisal

Paula J. Wagner

Peacock Properties

Peartree Realty

People's Manufactured Homes

Performance Realty

Perma Ceram Of San Antonio,inc

Perron & Co., Inc.

Perry Homes, A Joint Venture

Perry Properties

Personal Real Estate Services

Pest Patrol Inc., Of San Anton

Pest Shield Pest Control, Inc

Pete Cantu Real Estate

Pete Postolos, Realtor

Petmecky Interests

Phyl Wheeler Realty

Phyllis Browning Company

Piercy Enterprises

Pleasant Realty

Pli Brokerage, Inc.


Powell Realty

Powerhouse Realty

Precision Appraisals

Precision Inc., Realtors

Preferred Realty Group, L.C.

Premier Realty

Prime Properties San Antonio

Professional Connection

Professional Realty

Progressive Realty

Properties, Etc.

Property Management Specialist

Providence Commercial Re Svcs

Prudential Alamo Realty

Prudential Don Johnson Co.

Pruitt Realty

Pryor Real Estate

Pyramis Companies

Quality Inspection

Quantum, Realtors

Quest Real Estate Service

R And R Realty

R. B. R. Real Estate

R. J. Carnahan And Associates

R.E. Property Partners, Llc.

Rackley & Associates

Rackley And Associates

Rafael C. Luebbert & Assoc.

Ralph Castilla Co., R.E.

Ralph L. Parrish, Realtor

Ramseur, Inc.

Ranger Amercian Of Texas, Inc.

Ranson Properties

Raquel G. Austin

Ray C. Wilson

Rd Home Inspection Service

Re/Max Advantage

Re/Max Associates

Re/Max Associates 2000

Re/Max Mega Group

Re/Max North-San Antonio

Re/Max Northeast, Realtors

Re/Max Preferred, Realtors

Re/Max Realty Advantage

Real Estate Associates

Real Estate Newsline

Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Union

Real Mortgage

Realtor Builder

Realty Executives Of S.A.

Realty Executives, North

Realty Professionals

Realty World John Horton Assoc


Ream Real Estate Appraisers

Reata Property Management, Inc

Rebecca Rowland Sanchez

Red Carpet-Eddie Simmons

Regency Mortgage Services

Reiss Realty

Rene Solis

Residence Inn Northwest

Resolutions In Peace Mediation

Respondek Realty

Results Realty, Inc.

Rey Garza Real Estate

Rey Rocha Real Estate

Reyes & Sansom Real Estate

Reyes & Sansom Real Estate Ii

Richard Burlazzi

Richard Charles Batz

Richard J. Dibaggio

Richard L. Wade

Richard M. Fetsch Appraisal

Richard M. Peacock & Co.

Rick F. Littleton

Rick G. Thomas, Realtor

Right Source Exterminating

Ripley Real Estate

Rita Agnew

Rita Rey

Ritter Realty, Inc.

Rivendell Realty Co.

River City Appraisal

Riverside Properties

Roalson Interests, Inc.

Robert A. Mcever

Robert Aguilar, Appraiser

Robert Cortez Realty

Robert E. Watts, Jr., & Assoc.

Robert G. Kramer

Robert Ganson

Robert Olvera, Realtors

Robert Saenz

Robert Vela, Realtors

Roberts Realty

Robinson Realty

Rod M. Riggins

Rohde & Co., Inc., Realtors

Rohde Ottmers Siegel Realty

Rolando B. Carreon Real Estate

Ron Heller Properties

Ron Smith

Ron's Home Improvement

Roxton Development, Llc

Roy Leslie Company

Rt Realty

Ruben Flores

Rubiola Realty

Russell L. Maxwell

Ruth Rodriguez Real Estate

RVA Asset Management Group, REALTORS

Rva Asset Mgmt. Group, Realtor

S And S Properties

S And S Real Estate

S. A. Realty

S. Wayne Peacock

S.A. Chapter Of Appraisal Inst

Sage Development & Const. Inc.

San Antonio Board Of Realtors

San Antonio Business Journal

San Antonio Federal C.U.

San Antonio Realty Group

San Antonio Realty, Int'l.

San Antonio Relocation Agency

San Antonio, Realtors


Sandison Realty

Sandy L. Sayers

Sandy Point Inspection Service

Santex, Realtors

Schlattman Properties

Scm Management, Inc.

Scott Cline-Attorney At Law

Selected Properties

Sentinel Group Properties, Inc

Sh Realty

Shackelford Appraisal Service

Sheehan + Associates

Sheila Marie Kiselis, Realtor

Sheridan Realty

Sherrie Wade

Shurgard Storage Centers

Silver Dollar Properties

Silvia G. Gangel

Sino American Realty

Sister Schodts Reed R.E.

Sites Properties

Skyline Realty Of San Antonio

Slater, Realtors

Slim Roberts Early Bird Pest C

Smallwood Realty

Smilgin-Real Estate Services

Smith's Better Built Homes

So Fresh And Clean

Sol Schwartz & Associates,p.C.

Somerled Mortgage Corp.

Sonya Pine

Sorola Realty

South Texas Inspection Service

Southeast, Realtors

Southmost Appraisals

Southtown Realty

Southtrust Mortgage Corp.

Southwest Group

Southwest Mission Prop., Llc

Southwestern Real Estate

Soyars Property Co.

Specia Builders, Inc.

Specia Properties

Ssv Realty

St. Joseph's Credit Union

Stanley E. Mccormick

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