The Real Estate Agent Registry is now open

date: 2007-08-03
by: Venetsian

I’m extremely happy to announce that our website is officially open and if new days we’ll start the registration process. We intend to release FREE Real Estate Agent Registration for the first three months and then we’ll return to the paid listings.

Why choose our real estate agent registry? It’s very simple. Most registries are not investing any efforts to promote their clients and that’s why spending money on most of them will be practically pointless and just another expense. On the other hand our website is heavily promoted in both printed advertisings and online Medias and thus receives tons of traffic from highly targeted areas and actual clients looking to find real estate agents in their particular areas for their real estate service needs.

Most of the visitors that our website receives are highly interested homeowners that wish to sell their properties and are looking for highly skilled real estate brokers that are able to help them easily sell their properties for really good amounts. The other percentage (currently quite small) is from Real Estate agents and people that try to find more information on the real estate agents that they are currently dealing with or intending to start some relationship in doing future business either buying or selling property....

In both cases the traffic that we get is pretty useful for smart realtors that are looking on finding new possibilities and exploiting the virtually unlimited internet potential. I don’t want to stress the fact that about 95% of all new home buyers are looking first on the internet and then on the local market since nowadays people live with the mentality that everything on the internet is cheaper. Smart Real Estate Agencies quickly adopted the internet as one vital source for quality sales leads. What about you?

We’ll keep you updated when we start the free registration process.

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