End of Tenancy Cleaning Agency London

Finding Reliable Post-vacancy Cleaning Contractor

Moving from one place to another is never an easy process. There are so many things to do, and it seems you never have enough time. We can make the situation a bit easier for you. I Am a Real Estate Agent is a London-based property cleaning agent, offering high-quality end of tenancy cleaning services at affordable prices, provided by a handfull of well resourced partners. Among our clients, you will find hundreds of Londoners: tenants, landlords, and estate agents. They will all tell you the same story – our brand and service pros have become synonymous with a hassle-free and reliable service. 

Throughout our long years of hard work, we have always tried to meet the only standards higher than our own – your expectations. To that end, we work with the most qualified cleaning professionals and use the most efficient cleaning methods and best products. Behind the success in delivering impeccable property cleaning services in London stand a huge investment in technology and a great management team. A perfect bond between machine and human, so to speak.

We know you always seek for the perfect deal, so we always try to offer the highest quality at the most competitive price on the market. We have sourced the best of the best in the London end of tenancy cleaning industry.

Our Formula For Success 

For many years now, I Am Real Estate Agent succeeds to be one of the leaders in the move-out cleaning support business in the UK’s capital. Our customers know that booking our services means they can rely on: 

  • Efficient cleaning: Excellent quality is something we could not afford to compromises with. We only work with the best professionals, using the latest and the most effective cleaning techniques, and selected powerful eco-friendly detergents. 
  • Reliable services: Your satisfaction is our highest priority. When we do our job, we always try to give our best, but if you are dissatisfied with the final result, we will repeat the procedure to the affected areas free of charge. 
  • Fast work: We respect your time, and we do our job expeditiously and fast. 

What Makes Us The Perfect Checkout Cleaning Choice?

  • Long years of experience in the industry
  • Competitive deals 
  • Fixed prices with no hidden charges
  • Available seven days per week, all holidays included
  • Same-day and emergency bookings available upon request
  • Perfectly trained and result-oriented cleaning technicians
  • One of the most detailed post-tenancy cleaning checklists in the industry (check our Service Page for more details)
  • Constant communication with the property owners
  • Mandatory quality check-ups upon completion.

How Do We Price Our Services? 

I Am Real Estate Agent (IAREA) works with a fixed-price estimate system, based on the number of rooms in your residence, and whether you’ve had any building work done. Thus we completely eliminate the time factor in the quote – it does not matter whether we will clean two or six hours, you will pay the same price. If you want to check the expected pricing range for your apartment/house, send us a quote request through the contact form!

Who Are The People That Work Hard So You Don’t Have To?

Experienced and highly skilled cleaners with years of professional house cleaning, who know how to deal with a stain or two. Many of our property cleaning contractors have long years in the industry behind their back and a bullet-proof accreditation. For example one of our end of tenancy cleaning London partner carries an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and a comprehensive public liability insurance. Our partnership with leading training institutions like the NCCA and the BWCA make sure we have some of the best-prepared experts in the field. We work quickly and effectively, with particular focus on the small detail. Rest assured, your landlords will not be able to find any blemish in our performance! Even if they do (highly unlikely, but still, our cleaners are humans), our cleaners will return as soon as possible to fix any issues free of charge to you or your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to book a professional contractor for my move-out cleaning? 

It depends on your tenancy contract – many property owners include such a clause and demand on it.

How Do You Vet Your Contractors?

Very good question. We only work with long-established fully accredited end of tenancy cleaning London based contractors. Some of them have been ISO 9001:2015 accredited and continually audited each year. All of our partners carry full Public and Employers Liability insurance for a complete peace of mind.

How long does a post-vacancy cleaning take?

The duration may vary due to the number of rooms and the overall condition, but we usually manage to cover all chores within 3-4 hours. 

What can I do if my landlord points to a problem with the cleaning?

We always perform a mandatory quality check-up after the cleaning and invite the property owners. If they notice any blemish, we can address it right away before leaving the place.