About Us

Who Are We? 

Our team consists of meticulous professionals with an extensive background in the cleaning industry. We have had our fair share of long days and tough challenges, but they have only made us stronger and more effective. Besides, we have recognised the importance of teamwork – unlike most other cleaning tasks, a single technician cannot perform the post-tenancy house treatment, as it would take too much time and effort. A cleaning crew, however, can sweep through the rooms of your former residence like a well-oiled machine, leaving no stains and dust behind.

What Made Us Choose End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

Before we established I Am a Real Estate Agent, most of our leading experts were working as regular house cleaners in London. After a few of our customers asked whether we could perform an end of tenancy cleaning for them and we had to respond negatively because our former contractors did not offer the option, we recognised a niche in the market. 

By its nature alone, end of tenancy cleaning poses entirely different challenges compared to regular domestic cleaning. Time is of the utmost importance, scheduling is much more crucial, and attention to detail is a mandatory condition for success. You can overlook a small stain on the kitchen sink during your weekly visit, and take care of it the next time – you do not have that kind of luxury in a move-out treatment. 

Once we understood those peculiarities, it was easy to adjust our working philosophy. The first change came in cleaners’ selection – we only chose people who can work under pressure and are used to meeting tight deadlines. The second change had to do with customer support. When you take an after-vacancy cleaning job, you have to deal with both your customer (the tenant) and the property owner. If you want to be effective and avoid a lot of anxiety and nerves, you cannot neglect the latter – and we have significantly excelled in this regard. 

Where Are We Today?

Right now, tenants, landlords, and property management agencies all across London recognise us as one of the leading after-tenancy cleaning contractors in the capital. We have built a reputation as a partner who always gets the job done quickly and efficiently. 

But we are not the kind of people who sit on their laurels or take success for granted. We strive to provide our customers with even better and more affordable packages. Our latest breakthrough has been to present the “same-day” booking option in residential areas outside Inner London.