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Prepare For One Stress-Free End Of Tenancy Experience

Changing your living place may be a huge challenge because of plenty of factors and potential risks. Everybody with such an experience knows that it could be а very stressful, overwhelming and chaotic time. How to handover the property without unpleasant surprises, conflicts and further problems? Besides that, you may need a good reference from your landlord.

The essential task is to be prepared, concentrated and please do not underestimate the whole process. The first step is to find the contract. Be prepared with its content. It is vital to be aware of the details of the move-on final terms.

You should make sure you understand your obligations before vacating. The secret of a smooth handover is information and preparation. Seek the application of the contract where must be described the original property belongings, their amount and condition. Most UK landlords include a cleaning clause in the tenancy agreement (the contract). Make sure you read it carefully and take notes. Can you hire your own professional cleaning company, or do you have to use the ones recommended by the estate agent/landlord? This particularity can make a difference to the tune of at least a hundred pounds.

Inform the landlord of your intention. Discuss together the entire procedure and how to simplify it. As a tenant, you may end the tenancy only if you have served the correct notice and if the fixed term is in its end.

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Create a cleaning schedule and a list of the tasks you have to achieve. How to sort out successfully the living space before leaving it?

The washing process is time-consuming, requires planning and room-by-room strategy. That is an essential part of the moving-on experience, and it is not a good idea to leave it for the last minute if you desire to strive to the new directions as painful-free as possible without problems in the past.

Choose the time for cleaning. Maybe the most suitable moment is when your furniture has already dismantled, packed or even removed. You can hire a removal company if you haven’t got enough time to tackle all of the moving-on engagements.

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Now your mission is to leave the property as perfectly clean as you can, suitable for the next occupants, and to do it early enough before the end of the fixed final terms. The experts in that niche recommend preparing yourself with patience and mechanisms for mind relaxation.

Make a list with the dirtiest areas or difficult to reach places.

Ensure you have enough (and correct) cleaning supplies, buy some items if you haven’t got a complete assortment of them – this is the first and most important task. Please do not miss it, iF you want to be well-organised, fast in the washing activities, and leave the property sparkling.

Empty the cupboards, shelves, bookcases in all of the dwellings. Vacuum and mop all types of flooring in the entire property. Clean the walls. Pay special attention to the corners. Remove the spiders and webs. You can use a mild cleaning solution consisting of warm water and soap. That won’t cause any damages to the wallpaper and paint. It would be better to scrub in a circle to reduce the risk of watermarks. After that, dry to avoid humidity problems at the last moment.

Clean the windows of the entire property with rubbing alcohol and water. Wash the hooks and crannies, doormats and meshes.

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Remember to refreshen the curtains and blinds. They gather a lot of dust and air pollution. The steam cleaner also is a suitable option here.

Lend an incredible shine of the taps and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom with vinegar.

Wipe down the surfaces around with warm water and dish liquid soap. Use a sponge or a microfiber for the purpose. Then rinse with clean water using a damp cloth. The process of drying is critical to avoid any damages, especially to the wooden ones.

Take care of the hard-to-reach areas. A suitable cleaner and a mop can help you to finish that task rapidly. If you want to get your deposit, please do not underestimate the cleanliness behind and under the things. Move the furniture, wardrobes, tables and chairs to vacuum everywhere.

As a beginning in the kitchen, empty the fridge. Think about in what way to reduce potential food waste. Find appropriate boxes and storage containers.

Pack the kitchen devices, appliances, dishes and other utensils. You can label the boxes if you have a lot of stuff and belongings. That tip would make the moving on process much more organised.

Vacuum the space, remove the crumbs over and inside the appliances, and eliminate all spots, spills and residues. Ensure to yourself a multi-surface spray. It is a quite suitable solution for a fast deep cleaning without compromises and excess waste of time. It is possible to need a degreasing product for the stubborn leftovers.

The cleanliness of the appliances includes inside care. Wipe out the microwave from all of its sides. Empty the tray of the toaster. Get rid of all of the debris from the dishwasher filter.

Disinfect the countertop. It is the first thing your landlord would notice when enter into the kitchen.

Be careful with the cleaning of wood furniture. For the sofas, use a steamer, extremely simple and rapid maintaining. Hire such an appliance if you haven’t got your own. Check everywhere for spots, ruptures, scuffs, scratches. Apply furniture polisher to improve the condition.

Observe the bathroom. Remove the limescale and soapy scum there. Eliminate any traces of mould and mildew. Use bleach and airflows to cope with humidity and mildew growth.

Wash inside the toilet using bleach or a special product. For its exterior and the tiles, you may use vinegar, baking soda, a little bit of soap and a suitable brush.

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The exterior care of the property also is too worth. Get rid of the lawn and weeds. Wipe the outside furniture and decorative items. Observe the area for any contaminations and rubbish remains.